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Linguistic Killshot

Sometimes the best thing to do with a gloating, smug, vacantly narcissistic and toxically spiteful gay mulatto shitlib (or ex-president of the United States) isn’t to debate him on the merits of his arguments using logic and reason; it’s to rhetorically stuff him in a locker. And that’s exactly what President Trump did:

President Donald Trump on Friday said he “fell asleep” watching Barack Obama tear into him during a rare public speech that framed Trump as a threat to democracy.

“I’m sorry I watched it, but I fell asleep,” Trump said, during his own speech in North Dakota.

lol Sleep-Inducing Soetoro. There’s no coming back from that. Now every normie and even the starry-eyed negrolatrous neolibs will picture a boring, tedious, boilerplate bullshitter when they think of obama. ZZZzzZZZZ…ZzzzZZ wha what?….did obama drone on about something? I must’ve dozed off.


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