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Surname Nationalism


General rule: you should live where people don’t think your name is stupid.

No joke, if this were public policy it would be better than anything the overcredentialed elites have come up with to micro-manage the country straight into the Dirt World abyss.

PS Related, the Trump Administration is blocking the reappointment of one of the WTO’s four judges. That judge’s name is Shree Baboo Chekitan Servansing. That’s right, a clown from Mauritius named Shree Baboo who has zero connection to Heritage America wields influence over US trade policy.

N O T  A N Y M O R E

PS You won’t see this in the “All the news that’s fit to omit” Fake News Media, but right now there are huge protests happening in Germany. A native (read: White) German was stabbed to death by a Syrian and an Iraqi migrant, and the locals have finally had enough of Murderous Merkel’s open borders virtue sadism. Heh:

every now and then the special ed teachers lose control of the big retard, that’s what germany is overdue for


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