President Trump, The Master Wag

Juan McAmnesty deserves nothing less as an epitaph than President Trump Instagramming a photo of himself in the Oval Office accompanied by formulaic condolences.

For this version of a Happy Dance, Trump earns the Shiv of the Week award. Those poison-tipped shivs that prick the skin ever-so-subtly to deliver an area effect lethal dose to the coalition of phony admirers and globohomo co-conspirators who wagon-circle the deceased warmonger are the shivs most worth savoring.

PS Songbird died on the same day that Ted “I promise this immigration act won’t change the ethnic composition of America” Kennedy died, nine years ago, and from the same cancer. The Lord works in hysterical ways.


From commenter Ralph Stanley,

NPR and social media are gushing over John McCain. Their obvious lack of sincerity is extremely creepy. They always despised him, except to the extent that he and Never-Been-Married-Lindsey Graham could serve as opposing voices to Trump. Now they pretend to honor him? This is the stuff of ghouls.

I mean, I’m supposed to listen to some lisping, limp-wristed up-talker praise McCain’s military service and take him at his word? Much like the cancer that ravaged the senator’s brain, the media is increasingly a tumor metastasizing inside America’s soul.

Honestly, Trump’s response is actually more sincere and respectful — rather than pantomiming affection for a political enemy, he is offering condolences to the family. Anything more than that would have been interpreted as phony, weak, or both.

Good point. The thing that really drives the LeftMedia insane is that Trump is sincere like they have never been in their miserable lives. So when they lash out at Trump’s “lies” what they are really doing is projecting their own lying shitsouls onto Trump and the Sincere Americans who support him. There’s no spiteful envy quite like the envy of a zero integrity lying sack of shit for xir’s laudable betters.


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