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It would be funny if the Chaimstream Media weren’t also a dire threat to the spirit of First Amendment protections.

PS Hey Luke Barnes I notice Think Progress is powered by WordPress. You know, that same WordPress which also powers this loving outpost of LoveTalk. I wonder why you didn’t include WordPress in your blacklist of no good, very bad, horrible tech companies helping to keep online thought criminals operating?

PPS Readers have wondered why WordPress hasn’t danced to the Soylicon Valley tune and shuttered Le Chateau along with the rest of the political dissidents who have suffered the virtual guillotine. Alert readers will recall that WordPress doyennes came *this close* to doing just that before the 2016 Election l’Cataclysme (after a crybaby shitlib tattled to management about a DOTR reference). So…who knows? My guess is WordPress, like 99% of tech companies, is run by leftoids, which means that their principled stand as a platform dedicated to supporting free speech isn’t just some empty blather to conveniently ignore when they might be tempted to trump principles with the exercise of raw power. Or maybe the dirty little secret is that WordPress executives are closeted shitlords, and for obvious reasons they don’t want that knowledge escaping into the extended snowflake universe.

PPPS Not that it matters much, but CH does have a habit of backing up the edgier realtalk here with scientific confirmation. And the common sense stuff is delivered, I preen, with a dash of élan, which I figure tickles the pinks of the ladies running interference at WordPress customer complaints. They’ve been Wordblessed.

PMS This is how everyone should handle media requests:


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