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Ann unsheathes a mighty shiv this week in her column “Country Overboard! Women and Children Last!“. She touches on many themes explored here at Le Chateau, and comes suspiciously, deliciously close to restating certain, sharp phrases coined by yours cruelly.

Her column delves into the racket that is the refugee asylum system in the US, paying particular attention to the shitlib-anointed status of “oppressed” women from third world shitholes, reminding readers that the women are as much a shitproduct of their shitholes as are the men from those shitholes.

Aside from our immigration authorities missing little things like the Rwandan genocide, what is the argument for taking in millions of people from backward cultures, hotbeds of real racism, pederasty and misogyny — as opposed to the “microaggressions” that are the bane of our culture? 

It’s one thing to use quotas as a response to slavery and Jim Crow in our own country, but why do we have to have an immigration quota for “people who don’t live here, have never seen an indoor toilet, and rape little girls for sport”? 

Liberals act as if they are striking a blow for feminism by importing desperate women from misogynistic cultures to America. But, even to the extent they’re telling the truth, the women aren’t always victims only. They’re often co-conspirators. […]

Hmong girls in Minnesota are regularly gang raped by Hmong men, but the Hmong community — even the girls’ mothers — blame the rape victims, and the attacks go unreported. These aren’t cultures of strong women and criminal men. It’s more like criminal men and complicit women.

When shitlibs rescue Dirt World women from their Dirt World homelands, they neglect to consider that those Dirt World women give birth to Dirt Worlders, via the magic of reproductive gene transmission, who will recycle their Dirt World attitude and behaviors for generations, absent oppressive levels of miscegenation.

And the stone cunt truth is that in the primitive backward nations of the world, the women share the same suite of genes as their misogynistic men. You can’t remove the women from these cultures and expect them to behave like civilized SWPLs; their blood swims with the misogyny, infanticide, pederasty, rape, and female genital mutilation that evolved with them, and which these women will pass onto the next generation of male babies. And female complicity will likewise be passed on to their daughters, bedeviling policy makers all across the civilized world.

The more we import alien peoples from alien cultures into our homeland, the more stories like this one we’ll hear about (through dissident journalism sources):

In San Francisco, we had the young Indian sex slaves of pederast Lakireddy Bali Reddy testifying on his behalf. Once he was finally busted — not by our fantastic “democracy dies in darkness” mainstream media, but by a local high school newspaper — we found out his child rape victims thought they deserved it. They could not be coaxed to testify against him. Some took the stand on his behalf. They were all given asylum. We didn’t change them; they just moved here, without altering their belief in human slavery or the caste system one iota.

“Democracy dies in darkness” is more true than the Bezos Post would like to believe; the dark hordes streaming outward from their dark cultures will descend like a veil of darkness over the remaining Whiteopia redoubts, killing democracy and replacing it with tribalism, corruption, and the occasional mass murder machete rampage.

Americans are told we have to understand that it’s part of their native cultures. 

Exactly! It’s their culture. We’re not rescuing anybody; we’re bringing in diseased cultures. The alleged refugees don’t float above and apart from their societies. Feminists may see the world as the Boy team versus the Girl team, but in reality, it’s the Civilized team versus the Primitive team. Virtually every woman outside of the First World lives in an abusive society. We can’t take them all in. 

How did violent, backward, misogynistic cultures become our problem? Did we take a vote and agree to be the world’s charity ward?

Or the world’s daycare center.

Genes matter.
Race matters.
Culture matters.

We deny these cosmic truths at our peril.

Democrats who claim to be defenders of the weak, the marginal, and vulnerable are happy to toss our safe, functioning country aside — as long as they can wreck America (and get their housework done at the same time!). The left’s central political philosophy is based on resentment toward historical America.

Very, very close to my term of art “Heritage America“.

Nobody reads Chateau Heartiste…


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