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Reader Tiberius gets at the core truth explaining the mass hysteria of the anti-Trump shitlib fanatics:

Trump is killing their god.

Yes. There is no greater rage than that directed against the heretic, the god-killer, by the shaken faithful.

PS Trump delivered what is possibly the greatest Neg in the history of Game-kind:

“I refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo”

Dear Lord, that is a thing of beauty. The Perfect Neg, in substance, style, cadence, and custom-fit. The very act of verbalizing a refusal to call a hot babe a bimbo implies that she’s a bimbo; that the only concern holding one back from calling her a bimbo is not that she isn’t a bimbo but that it is impolite to say it, (while implicitly saying it!).

That’s the sort of nuclear neg that can bring an HB10 to her knees, mouth open, begging for the redemptive cock.


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