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Peak Thirst

Thirst is defined as the unrequited ardor of hard-up beta males lavishing girls online with flattery and desperate sexual solicitations. Sometimes thirst comes with a price tag. Case in point, this example of intercontinental thirst:

A Gabber quips,

The neckbeard will masturbate to the ticket receipt for the next few years.

Patronizing a real prostitute would be more dignified for this soyblob, because at least the whore would follow through on her end of the deal.

So now that you’re familiarized with thirst and understand that thirst generally accompanies feminizing or androgenizing societies full to the brim with demoralized men and juttingly manjawed careerist lawyercunts, as well as widespread obesity reducing the number of romantically acceptable female partners for all the partner-seeking men, it’s time to ask if we’ve hit Peak Thirst, and if we have what would it look like?

One tell-tale shift in the social dynamic that indicates a revolt against thirst is any noticeable decrease in its online frequency, coupled with an increase in men expressing the opposite of beta thirst: shaming sluts for trying to collect Thirst Tokens redeemable in monetized views.

And while I can’t be everywhere all the time, I do credit myself for having a keen sense of which way the cultural wind is blowing. If you follow attention whore media you’ll notice that more men are calling out women who post half-naked selfies. The thirst is still there, but now it’s sharing ASCII space with masculine satiation. Many more men are now ridiculing thots, demanding thots go away, mocking Instawhore skanks as headcases craving an absent father’s love, and accusing these modren day pin-ups for being willing to do anything for the likes.

Culturally, this is a good sign. The Shaming Of The Thots is a necessary step toward civilizational renewal. De-thotification will bring sexual market balance back to a society that has been veering dangerously close to an extremist gynarcho-tyranny. When women’s overblown egos are deflated, civilization is reinstated.

The, ahem, monkey wrench that could thwart the needed rebalancing is…open borders, and in the next post I will explain why open borders will ruin relations between the sexes and why women are in love with the idea of a borderless America.


Commenter Popcorn Out supplies a potent coda to this post:

Getting all those compliments on a public medium for all to see is the female equivalent of a guy being able to click his mouse and have a steady stream of girls come in to fuck him.

Women crave attention and validation like men crave sex.

Recall an ancient CH maxim: Men desire. Women desire to be desired.


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