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Revolt Of The Revolting

The entire social justice/aggrotolerance/equalism movement is a revolt by the ugly and freakish against the beautiful and normal. The ideology has no morality nor purpose and exists only to substantiate in political radicalization the aggrieved spitefulness of life’s losers.

Every day you can see this dynamic playing out between sexual market winners and losers. The feted Samantha Bee, whose resting and active bitch faces are indistinguishable, called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” for the crime of being a beautiful radiant woman posting a photo on Twatter of herself and her young son sharing a tender hug. (Never mind Bee’s rationalizations — something to do with foreign invaders and their kids being kept in obama-era cages — the real impetus was the hate and envy of an ugly woman for a hot woman.)

Reminder that this is the same shitlibette Samanthe Bee…

…who hypocritically opposed a school relocation plan that would have meant her own kids, rather than the BadKids of BadWhites, were forced to learn their ABCs directly across the street from a housing project of color. tfw your virtue signaling is put to the test:

Samantha Bee is crushingly ugly inside and out. Her incoherent rage against Ivanka is what happens when the unpopular girl in school is given a megaphone and a like-minded loser audience to air her existential butthurt.

Another outtake from the Revolt of the Revolting: a creature by the name of Molly Jong-Fast (externally and internally disfigured sprog of ür-feminist Erica Jong) was brought to a frothing rage by…Melania Trump spending some private time out of the media spotlight.

The portmanteau that comes to mind is snobtuse.

John Rocker slipped the shiv in this bitch with real flair:

Imagine you’re Melania Trump.

Imagine you’ve been a 10 since puberty. You walk into a room and fill it with a celestial glow. You rise through every social strata, winning admirers with your beauty and elegance everywhere you go. You marry a billionaire mogul-entertainer and possibly the savior of Western Civilization. Like a protag in a catlady fantasy e-book, he fills you with his master seed and you bear him a prince. You live in a tower of pure gold.

And then this gremlin ambles up next to you…

…and offers you her pearls of wisdom.

I love America. One reason is because wealthy and influential people, cultural elites like Erica Jong, exhaust themselves. Abominations like Molly Jong-Fast come crawling like swamp creatures out of the primordial cum. This is why we have historically replaced our elites, early and often, with a steady churn of ascendant figures like Trump and Melania.

Our urban elite are fragile. Their offspring are barely holding it together with the aid of SSRIs and wine. On the rare occasion they manage to reproduce, it’s almost always some Habsburg-jawed Quasimodo-looking bundle of neuroses like the goblin above.

UMC and elite shitlibs… it’s only natural that you resent beautiful, fecund, healthy Americans. You can feel your reign coming to an end. And all you can do is impotently snarkpoast about it on Twitter as you recede back into the great unwashed.

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Underneath their feigned indignation and anti-Trump (read: anti-White) hysterics is an inbred, incestuous elite living in a rapidly shrinking bubble and sensing deep in their rickets-bent bones that their mutationally overloaded, flabby freak show is about to get run through by the Sword of Shitlord Physiognomy. The Great Replacement may not turn out to be the one they were hoping for.

A reader writes,

Uncle Ted said as much in his manifesto. Leftism is less an ideology and more a psychology that stems from envy and over-socialization.

Over-socialization is an interesting concept, which I take Uncle Ted [Kaczynski] to have meant that the over-socialized are excessively sensitive to status, both signaling it and losing it. Is that in the ballpark of his thinking? Commenters are standing by to clarify.

Of all psychological motivations, I believe raw envy of their Darwinian betters explains best the compulsion of leftoids to destroy Beauty, corrupt Truth, sanctify Lies, and glorify Ugliness. Harrison Bergeron laid it out: when all are in the muck, the muck can imagine themselves the cream.

In time, the increasingly zealous guarding of opinion boundaries by the degenerate freak mafia results in accelerating expulsions of insufficiently pious devotees, until the synagogue of Lies&Ugliness is distilled to the most revolting of human dregs, producing a pungent bouquet of loserdom that will cause even politically disengaged normies to recoil in disgust and vote in a succession of president Trumps.

The Fuggernaut screeches and shrieks with a fury knowing they will fold to a superior, self-confident force. They don’t have it in them to really go toe to toe with an impassioned, ZFG foe that is never tired of winning. Trump is just the beginning of their pain and eventual banishment to the dreary emo wastelands where they belong, sad but smug till the end.


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