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Why does sexual dichotomy appear to be decreasing or, worse, why are men and women taking on secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex? emmajoey leaves the following comment in reply,

People really need to go read Neoteny.org and take it in, it’s been sitting there for nearly a decade now with most of the answers.

Not primarily genetic, mostly epigenetic, the pill, delayed pregnancy, environmental factors, etc.
Bio/physiological swapping over of sexual/psychological traits, likely exacerbated by poor diets.

The later a woman gets pregnant the higher the T in uterus.
High T pregnant women produce high T girls and low T boys.
Feedback cycle increases effect in each generation.
Personalities are broadly built-in during development, not learned in later life.

I have my doubts about epigenetics as a science; (fatties like to cite it as settled science to explain their bulbosity and race deniers like to cite it to cling to hope that innate racial aptitudes and dispositions are malleable to later intervention). But I don’t doubt that historically novel environmental influences like the Pill and delayed pregnancy can fuck up the prenatal and early development ecologies, creating some equally novel freak shows like we have today shambling through the remnants of our civilization.

emmajoey’s synopsis is interesting to me because if, indeed, high T older mothers birth high T girls and low T boys, then this would establish a negatively reinforcing feedback loop with successive generations of high T manjaws and low T soyboys less and less attracted to each other and putting off for greater lengths of time marriage and children, in an infinite spiral of cat litter, infertility treatments, and gimp sperm.

I have more to say on this topic, but for now I toss out this tasty chum so readers can encircle it and tear off chunks of polemic. Bonus points to the readers who explore a consilience between bioteleology and self-domestication.


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