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From Thhhlate,

Easier With Three

My wife’s girlfriend moved in with us, and balancing work, life, and leisure has never gone better.





More proof that avowed polyamory is a refuge for subhuman dregs so ugly their mommas don’t love them.

Atavator reclines into the bigger picture,

Either of those “women” could be a tranny — no problem.

These cases raise an interesting question: is there, perhaps, a correlation or at least a parallel between polyamory, and what the evolutionary guys call r-selection?

That is, when you get high r-selection, there is care, but it’s generalized and weak, with low particular investment.  Your kid just got mowed over? Oh well, shit happens. (Parenthetically, I’m always horrified by the nonchalance of some of my liberal neighbors regarding not just dirt and squalor, but the fates of people in their own families.)

Is polyamory just one type of r-select behavior? There is the sex urge, but it’s not targeted with any particularity, and hence jealousy cannot exercise as much force.

Though the language was not present for this sort of thing at the time, it is more or less the way the first “sociologists” in the 17th and 18th centuries described the amorous lives of primitives. This was before either “racism” or egalitarianism came into vogue, and I tend to think the early observers got this right.

And you have to figure there is some genetic remnant for these behaviors even among white europeans; it’s just that for a long time civilized mores prevented their expression.

If sexual markets can become disrupted and grossly distorted by degenerating social forces similar to those of Calhoun’s rat experiments, then the evidence you’d look for would be increases in sexual deviancy, loneliness, involuntary celibacy, rancor within and between the sexes, sexual identity problems, STDs, sex panics, ideological hysteria, and miscegenation. You would look as well for decreases in the marriage rate, long-term relationship formation, and fertility.

Well, look around. What do you see?


In related Fuggernaut News, the NeverTrump Uniparty’s pathological open borders xenophilia continues importing thousands of MS-13 gang members who shoot dead completely random innocents and then burn the bodies in their cars. Let’s have a look-see at the chupacabran horrors our virtue signaling single White women are welcoming into your neighborhood:

I’ve lost count of how many treasonous fucks in our ruling class deserve to sway eye-bulgingly in the warm Spring breeze.

Oh, and Fred Reed? Go fuck yourself and the burro you rode out on.

ps tonight let’s all say a prayer for mccain’s tumor.


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