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Here’s an insightful post from what looks like a Reddit group source. (click on the link for zoomable reading)

Summarizing, women employ a three tiered counterstrategy when they are accused of lying or cheating (or of doing anything a self-respecting man would consider out of bounds).

Stage One: Denial

If a man confronts a woman with her deceit/lies, she will ALWAYS start denying whatever he’s accusing her of. [Beta males] are easily manipulated and they don’t want to believe that their woman would cheat on them/lie to them, so they WANT to believe her lies. Most men never get past this stage of the flowchart.

Stage Two: Playing The Victim

[If the man presses further] she will start crying and blaming the other men/other people. She will start using words like rape, drunk, drugs, roofies, “I was going to pay you back”, “I thought it was our money” etc. They deviously abuse the male protective instinct. […] 99% of men will be fooled by stage 1 or stage 2.

Stage Three: Confrontation

There is a rare side of women that men will only see if they STILL aren’t fooled by stage 2. She will start getting angry at HIM and she will blame HIM for whatever she’s accusing him of. She could have been doing gangbangs and stealing money out of his bank account and she will tell him that he wasn’t home enough and she wasn’t feeling desired. She will start yelling, throwing shit, destroying property and doing lord knows what else. At this stage there are STILL men who will believe her and think they’re somehow responsible for their woman’s behaviour.

This Three Stage description of women’s self-defense strategy is spot on. Denial, victimhood, blame shifting (aka psychological projection). Coincidentally, it’s also the typical self-preservation strategy of narcissistic sociopaths.

Women are narcissistic sociopaths? What kind of sexy jerkboy would draw such a comparison!?

If you are the rare man that is actually able to see through her lies and you break up with her/kick her out/sue her, you will have a new stalker in your life.

Sadly, so true. You want to turn a half-hearted girlfriend into an obsessed lovestruck stalker? Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Be unmoved by her antics
  2. Call her bluff
  3. Show her the door

She’ll be curled up at your door the next day, begging you to take her back [true story].

It’s not even that they actually care about you, it just seems like women are traumatized by the fact that they weren’t able to manipulate a man into believing her.

Understandable reaction. Most men are appeasing credulous betas inexperienced in the wiles of woman, and will fold like a cheap lawn chair under pussy pressure. Give this reality, women are unprepared for the rare alpha male who defies her expectation of a toady.

That shit is the worst feeling for a woman and she will spend a LONG TIME trying to figure out HOW she wasn’t able to fool the man.

In fact, the emotional and mental energy the woman will spend trying to figure out how she wasn’t able to wrap the Chateau acolyte around her finger WILL make her care more about him. The frazzled hamster is a form of devotion, of investment, and women are programmed by the Cosmic Coder to fall deeply in love with men who have wrested this form of emotional commitment from them.

This blog teaches men how to identify these three stages of female smoke and mirrors and to see them for what they are: manipulative tactics to exculpate herself, to hide the contours of her hypergamy, and to place all blame and accountability on the man. Once you can see them coming, you have the tools — Game and jerkboy psy ops — to dismantle them and come out looking like a champ instead of a chump.


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