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baked georgia asyntactically commented,

a (good looking) female co-worker commented about how no self-respecting male won’t have a real relationship with one of those bikini girls from instagram, and that they’ll may die alone when their looks fade away.

I’ve almost cried tears of joy

Be careful in your admiration for a woman who uses the term “self-respecting” as an implicit tool of male behavior management, especially if her slut shaming target is her sexual competition.

Women use the term “self-respecting” in a passive-aggressive way whenever they’re commenting indirectly about male romantic preferences that they find objectionable and threatening (such as men’s compulsive willingness to not only fuck but fall in love with Instawhore bikini babes). You may think she’s a trad thot doing the Lord’s slut shaming work, but in reality she’s stud shaming you to ignore hotter women for a “real relationship” with women like herself.

It’s generally good policy to avoid committing to women who splash their gash all over social media, but don’t get bent out of shape about it. There’s nothing mutually incompatible between female beauty and female lovability, and men should allow some breathing room for women occasionally and with a prudent bow to modesty to “display their goods” (say, in a slinky cocktail dress to catch your eye at a black tie dinner event) because it’s a normal urge in women to physically advertise their sexual and, hence, marital worth.

When I hear “self-respecting”, I hear a schoolmarm finger wagging me for not sufficiently denying my natural male desire.


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