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YOU: won’t approach a soft 6 because “the ratio is bad” or “she probably has a boyfriend” or “i’m tired” or “she hasn’t given me the green light yet”, retreat to masturbatorium for epic fap, decry your burgeoning incel status, log into PUA blog intended to help you only to bitch and moan about not looking like Chris Hemsworth.

THIS GUY: be born with no arms, swoop a hard 7, have two kids by her.

If you can’t muster the courage with a full set of limbs to approach a girl and say hi, try to imagine how much tougher it would be for you if you had to approach girls armless. There goes kino escalation! (aka surreptitious groping for you hollywood producers.) Then hang your head in shame that all you can muster are excuses about not looking like a male model as the reason why you’re alone and celibate.


Stupid self-confidence which defies expectation and prudence can take a man far. Be inspired by better men than yourself, rather than demoralized. And by inspired, I don’t mean by the universalist pabulum those men might write to explain their grace; I mean by what these men with two strikes against them do to score their hotties. Maybe it’s humor, or the fame of running a ministry, or a preternatural ability to emotionally connect with women, that is their secret. Or maybe it’s “DGAF what the world thinks of my armlessness” jerkboy charisma that women are wired to behold with starry eyes. Those lessons are hiding in plain sight; all you need to do is stop pulling the blinders over your eyes.


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