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Chris comments about his time in Brazil, the muddy confluence of the world’s races.

I lived in Brazil 4 years as an American young man back in 1990s and I am yet to see a more dis-trusting and antagonist society in the planet. Brazilians HATE each other, they hate their country, and they distrust each other to the point the country is really nothing more then a 3rd world powederkeg of social and economic disharmony and violence. Brazil is California on steroids. Highly-racially and culturally mixed and yet that country is divided, dishonest, and self-loathing.

The more “racially mixed” a country is, the more unstable it becomes, because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. The only part of Brazil that works (sorta) is the South, where the population is overwhelmingly German, with Italians as second largest group, Ukrainians around 500,000, and about 100,000 Lithuanians, all concentrated in their own cities and towns across the 3 southern States. The south of Brazil is only coherent part of Brazil and only white-majority region. Most Conservative, prettiest girls, and least Feminist. The rest of Brazil is a messy chaos of mixed and semi-white populations, all distrusting and hating one another. It is a sight to behold! ?

This is the case anywhere in the world. When Norway was almost 100% ethnic Norwegian, the country worked and functioned, even with dumb socialist policies (like national healthcare). Because the population was homogenous and educated, they did not abuse and overuse public services and that enabled socialist policies to work to some extent. After they allowed SOME immigration, not even at the ridiculous levels of Sweden or Germany, NOTHING works in Norway anymore. Healthcare is overwhelmed, people bleeding in ERs, elderly drinking water out of potted plants, and all levels of social services and police are overwhelmed, and the country has become more polarized and unstable.

But unlike Sweden (a country headed for total collapse), Norway woke-up and elected the “Go Forward Party” and the zero immigration parties are growing rapidly. Their motto “let’s not become Sweden”.

Simply put: mass immigration = chaos and disunity. No matter how much you “mix races” or “mix cultures”, the “mixing” will not resolve the most basic of human behavior, which is distrust, disunity, and hate. No matter how much you indoctrinate, the truth of our most basic ideas, behaviors, and reactions will never change. That is hwy “Progressivism” has always fails, since it replies on humans to “evolve” (progress) into holy and perfect beings. This will never happen, thus Progressivism fails over an dover again.

In fact, all tis “mixing” makes it all worse. My 2 cents.

Diversity + Proximity = War (by whatever means). Racial diversity introduces social instability. The races have on average differing world views, behaviors, temperaments, personalities, and preferences, and forcing them together into an artificial union under one political and cultural umbrella amplifies preexisting antagonisms and distinctions, resulting in lower trust and a less livable society by any one group’s standards. The reason racial and ethnic diversity creates instability (which Robert Putnam found in his research, even within races because lower trust caused by multiracial proximity infected relations between racial kin) is because shared threads of experience, history, heritage, values, demeanors, behaviors, rituals, and unspoken affinities are torn and discarded, and in fact must be, to appease the MultiKult Cerberus.

Mixing doesn’t fix the problems caused by Diversity™; it only makes it worse because the mixed population becomes more, not less, racially conscious, spending productivity-sucking energy jockeying for a racial identity and the status that accrues to it which sets oneself and one’s family apart from the muddy masses. It’s part of the human condition to tribalize; only NW European Whites have had this predilection somewhat but not entirely bred out of them. And if it is bred out of them, they will cease to exist and all the world’s races will return to unapologetic tribalism.

And as Chris noted, race mixing destroys cultural continuity — “no common culture, no common past, and no common background”. Our underlords must preach the satanic gospel of Diversity Is Our Strength constantly because they understand on a primal level that Diversity is our weakness. They propagandize that which requires propagandizing: the inorganic, the artificial, and the alien.

People who think all our problems of Diversity will be solved by de-scaling are short-sighted, unless by de-scaling they mean the disaggregation of America into separate and distinct geopolitical entities that are self-governing and no longer answer to the Federal Poz — aka racially distinct nations, which we forget, to our peril, is a redundancy in terms.


South Africa is another horribly low trust society. So how does the country function? Clues abound: fencing of every variety encircles everything, gated community security forces are armed to the teeth, and Whites self-segregate from nonWhites and follow an informal byzantine rulebook to help them avoid predation.

In other words, South Africa functions by creating an insular pocket of high trust Whites to run things and keep the low trust hued hordes surrounding them appeased with gibs (or with the lives of apparently disposable White Afrikaaner farmers).

Gibs Management is a classic example of short-run profit at the expense of long-run sustainability. It works, for a while, until the gibs takers outnumber the gibs givers, which they always do because (absent contraceptive and abortive intervention) gibs takers are wired for explosive population growth in times of plenty.

Atavator passes along an anecdote about a White African:

A few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a white guy from Zimbabwe — in the Wal Mart checkout line, of all places. Fair number of blacks around, but the guy was totally relaxed. It was a comparative matter, you see. Back home, he explained, there was just just no way his car would still be in the lot when he exited the store, since in the present case he had left no one armed to watch it. Just having that luxury — not leaving an armed person and believing his car would be present —   was like heaven.

Requiring the presence of an armed guard to watch your car in Walmart parking lots will become a feature of the US if the White share of the total population continues its downward trajectory to majority minority status, and then eventually to absolute minority status. This is why sounding pessimistic alarm bells about the demographic catastrophe set to befall us is as critically important as crafting an optimistic message that lures normie Whites to voting for pro-Heritage America politicians (aka MAGAmen).

If Whites in the remaining majority-White regions of the US don’t feel a sense of urgency and menace for the future of America as a nation, they won’t act as quickly about signing up for an implicitly or explicitly heritage-protecting agenda. And what we don’t have now is the luxury of time. South Africa is our future sooner than most think.


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