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For decades (in the pre-Current Year era), blacks have voted lockstep for the Dems. The black vote of either sex rarely dipped below 90% D in any election. That may finally be changing. I predict a coming black sex gap, in which black men will vote less D while black women continue voting D with near-unanimity. The reason?


my MAGA hat is signed ?????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/DrDHJybS8V

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 25, 2018

It won’t take much black realignment to cause an electoral crisis for Democreeps. If Trump can steal 10-15% of the black male vote from Dems, a lot of purple states will flip red. Some blue states would come into play. Kanye West isn’t the cause of this shift, but he is a powerful symptom of it, and his Overton smashing, leftoid COGDISSING tweets may very well end up pushing a nontrivial number of blacks into Trump’s camp in 2020.

Black men secretly love Trump. They respect Trump. Not enough to leave the D reservation (for now), but enough to consider it in the future. Trump’s brash style, his preference for gaudy golden palaces, his “one man taking on The Man” political trajectory, and most relevantly his hilarious TRASH TALK are all traits admired by the black man. That’s Trump’s style — his GAME — winning over blacks. But Trump’s substance shouldn’t be discounted. Black unemployment is at record lows in Trump’s reign; black men are noticing this in their lives, and it’s trickling into the black consciousness (such as it is). Blacks, especially black men, also notice Trump making their lives better by restricting legal and illegal immigration, which depresses the wages of lower skilled labor. The Beaner Wall is Black Magic.

Black women don’t notice it nor will they ever see the Trumpian light because black women are already under the employ of Uncle Gibs. Diversity quotas mean the government has to hire lots of incompetents and dead weight; black women are generally more conscientious and disciplined than are black men, so agencies fill their quotas with black women, hoping to limit the damage that Diversity brings to quality of service and product. Walk into any DMV and the ratio can be as high as ten black women for every one black man. This isn’t an accident; sure part of the skew is because a lot of black man are “out of the workforce flow” so to speak, but mostly it’s because black women are considered less obstreperous employees.

There is also a racial predisposition at work in the potential for diverging political preferences between black men and black women. As a race, blacks are r-selected; they have the behavioral profile of their African ancestors, and in Africa to this day the women toil in the fields while the men drink, gambol, and alternately revere the “Big Man” or try to become him. Africa is a matrifocal social organization, and that carries over into African-American neighborhoods where black women don’t expect black men to have a job and stick around to help raise the kids. Black women are economically self-disciplined in a way black men aren’t, either self-disciplined to earn a living working for the government or to know how to soak the welfare state.

So Trumpism has less to offer black women, who do quite well already under a quasi-socialist Democrat-controlled makework bureaucratic administrative state. Trump’s nationalist-populism agenda means a tighter labor market, especially at the low end, and more manufacturing jobs, which largely accrues to the benefit of black men. But it also means a less powerful central government as hiring agency, as employment opportunity moves away from Panem and toward localities; this would harm the interests of black women who, like women of other races, aren’t much interested in men’s jobs like manufacturing or anything involving physical labor and teamwork.

Which brings me back to Kanye; closeted gay though he may be, he has tapped into a dragon energy pulsing through many black men that will, in time and under the guidance of the Goad Emperor, create a noteworthy sex gap with their black women. But only if Trump reigns; any Republican after Trump not sufficiently Trumpian will lose black men as quickly as Trump gained them.

“JL” is John Legend. Kanye is in green. BTFO linguistic killshot confirmed.

Professional Boob Washer writes,

Kanye going hotep would be earth shaking culturally but the gender split in blacks is overdue seeing how black men are useful to the Left only when dead. Clinton won black women 93-4 and black men 80-13. If Kanye and the Hoteps move the needle at all, it’s over for the Dems due to their need for blacks +90% tallies. If the gender gap were to widen, Trump would be taking 18-20% total and depressing enthusiasm which enables vote stuffing in those 106% turnout districts. This helps secure the swing states he flipped and puts VA back into play. I don’t see black men voting for a black woman and there isn’t a South African style militant available yet nor will be with America’s mix. It’s Caudillo-Big Man politics now and Trump is the playmate fuckin’ Big Man.

When black men hear that Trump hired hookers to piss on the hotel bed Gay Mulatto shared with Reggie Love, they think “TRUMP IS A PIMP DADDY”. And they’d be right. Just yesterday, the Trumps used thecunt’s china collection to deck out their State Dinner with Micron, in what has to be one of the coldest shivs a sitting President has ever delivered to a sociopathic former political opponent. (I loved that news story so much I read it twice for the sheer pleasure of it.)

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of room for black male vote poaching by Trump — they’re a tribal race far outside their natural environment and they will vote anti-White gibs now, gibs tomorrow, gibs forever; the “natural conservative” myth is a cuckservative talking point for a reason — but Trump’s persona and agenda open the possibility of a paradigm-busting movement of 10-20% of black men away from the Dems. This would be good for America and hilarious on many levels, not least would be listening to the lamentations of the ur-cucked NeverTrumpers.

From TOG, one of my favorite reads across all platforms,

[Kanye’s Konversion is] a big deal in that it shows the MK Ultra brainwashing didn’t work 100% on Kanye.  He fought it.  Having a famous black liberal icon show solidarity with a famous black conservative helps the average black man wake up to divide and conquer saul alinsky tactics.  This may matter if it takes votes away from the Dems in midterm elections.  It’s also a big “f**k you” to the jewish media.  Kanye played the game and was used as a tool of jewish media interests for years so they allowed him to be A-List popular.  Now that he is A-List, he is allowing other blacks to not be a democrat.  Woah!  Just the seed being planted that “you dont have to be a democrat” is a good thing.  The democrats only have smoke, mirrors and trickery to keep their followers together.  Once people start looking up the facts the democrats push (i.e. they push the narrative that white cops shooting black men is a problem, & when you look it up you see statistically it is insignificant, and in fact, black crime is the problem) then the democrats cease to exist.  Their entire party relies on the fact that some people don’t look anything up and just get all their news exclusively from international jewish media outlets and NPR.

7 Simple Steps to being a Liberal
Step 1) Listen to national public radio on the train ride to work,

Step 2) Seek confirmation bias from others at work who also listen to jewish media

Step 3) Watch cnn and msnbc when you get home after work.

Step 4) Sneer and snark at anyone who thinks differently than you.

Step 5) Occasionally read a huffpo blog article confirming what the jewish media has told you after you were triggered by a random pepe meme.


Step 7) Pat yourself on the back and call yourself “informed”

Btw, not that I listen all that often, but I haven’t heard any of the lertoid media outlets mention the Kanye story. NPR? NPR? Omitting truths is as bad as committing lies! Journalism 101.


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