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gkai tut tuts and finger wags,

Lost the ball here. I far far prefer a chick with abortion history, that one that [won’t] play the surprise pregnancy and chain you for life with child support, just after some recreative sex. The pro-life fundamentalist Christian here was disturbing, while I was a fan before, now it’s becoming unbearable….I guess my CH lurking days are soon aver….

gkai (probably azn) hates White Christians, news at 11. (Why ARE so many damned asians colonizing the West? Their own countries too crowded? NOT OUR PROBLEM)

To his point, the Gotcha Pregnancy looms large as a devastating life-changing menace in the male imagination, but it’s an overblown threat that I have noticed appeals to two kinds of men: lsmv omegas who have little chance of convincing any woman to have sex with them, let alone bear their children, and wealthy hsmv alphas who have real reason to fear a mistress or lover snagging them into a lifetime of indentured servitude.

The latter group of men have to be careful which women they choose for trysts, because the gotcha pregnancy risk isn’t overblown for them. This maybe explains why so many wealthy alphas turn to escort services for fun when they could get the chicks for free at the local bar: the pros are paid up front and have an incentive to keep their bodies in a forever pre-preggers state.

The former group, the omegas, have nothing to fear, but they are egoistically comforted by the idea that they are threatened by sexually rapacious women who want to steal their disfigured seed and their non-existent resources.

In reality, the gotcha pregnancy is a rare event if you are minimally selective in which women you choose to bang and romance. Avoid ghetto mamas, barely legal beaners, mentally unstable coke fiends, trailer trash, and women over the age of 35 laboring under the loud tick tock of their biological clocks, and you are pretty well secured from victimization by a gotcha pregnancy.

If you are a Chateau reader, odds are you have something on the ball and swim in a social circle and cultural milieu filled with sensible women who don’t think gotcha pregnancies are smart, forward-thinking life choices. The fact is that cheap contraceptives (for both men and women) have largely eliminated the Gotcha Pregnancy threat among middle class and higher Whites. If you’re fresh off the boat and only date in the clan, maybe it’s a problem for you, but Western White women have abandoned the Gotcha Pregnancy as a strategy because 1. it interferes with mimosa brunch time and 2. Western White men have abandoned the Shotgun Wedding amelioration plan.

I’m not saying the Gotcha Pregnancy is a myth. I’m saying it’s like HIV…if you’re not a member of one or more specific demographics particularly susceptible to Gotcha Pregnancy infection, you can sleep easy that your womanizing career won’t suddenly end with the rash decision of a high time orientation, impulsive skank scheming for a sugar daddy.

However, should you fall prey to the Gotcha Pregnancy — one of the most malicious evils a woman can deliberately perpetrate on a man — I suggest leaving the country on the red eye, and don’t look back until such time that the USA has instituted rationality and fairness to its sexual regulation laws and added a “Gotcha Child Support” clause to any Gotcha Pregnancy claim that requires the woman making the claim to foot the entirety of the child-raising bill. Reproductive rights shouldn’t be the sole province of women.


williamk adds,

The particular kind of man who tends to get oops’d is a low class situational alpha with steady money, aka guy who has a harem of low SES girls (who are usually kinda gross), and works on a military base or something (not being a hater, its just a heuristic).

the gotcha pregnancy recipe:

guy: some cash + game + low standards + low IQ
girl: skank + low IQ + beneath the margins of do-ability for CH commenters

Another reason (as if it was needed) why refined men of stealth and taste should have and maintain standards in the opposite sex. Less risk of used condom scooping.


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