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Three gentlemen before their prom night, but only one will close the deal, plus the deals of the other two gentlemen. Body language and facial expression are all we need to know which young man has a thrilling future as a womanizer and which two men will go on to pussy-parched careers in goofy self-clowning and accounting. (h/t Drack)





Still haven’t got it? This next photo should help:

The above should be the front cover of an instructional manual titled “How to pose for photos with your girl and come out looking like the Jerkboy King all women want”. The body language and physiognomy specifics are old hat to regular CH readers, but for the newbs, they are:

  • man facing camera, girl facing man
  • girl administering PDA, men receiving her PDA
  • girl leaning into man, man standing straight or leaning out a little from girl
  • girl’s eyes and/or lips adoringly locked on man, man’s eyes gazing at horizon or camera
  • girl flush with love, man smirking like a Trump scion, one eyebrow cocked for added effect

Scroll through the rest of our stripling alpha’s girl’s Instawhore feed for more proof of her undying love and his unending jerky charms.

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If our alpha promlord isn’t a Chateau VIP already, he will be the morning after.

The Strapon Within, Yours Truly, Captain Obvious.


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