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This is a great comment by emery, who tells about a clinically diagnosed psychopath among his group of friends:


There are a lot of posers in this topic who are commenting about psychopaths without realizing that their opinion of them has been super biased by the media they consume. Like this guy
“A psychopath or sociopath or narc will never fight for his ‘tribe’. There is no tribe for them. There is no social belonging. Its just them and them alone for miles to come in their head. Their evolutionary strategy is simply to fend for themselves using short term measures. They also make incredibly poor soldiers who have trouble sticking to chain of command and instead use the system to gain short term benefits. “
or this guy
“I’m a psychiatrist and the dude seems more likely to be one of those common internet aspie nerds than a psycho. Psychos dont post on the internet. They dont tell others they are psychos. Aspie nerds have low sensitivity to stimuli because of continuos uninterrupted viseogaming and porn surfing”

My closest friend is a psychopath, 6 out of 10 on the scale (around 8 you start to be unable to integrate into society in any meaningful fashion) and boy let me tell you that our host’s assessment of their charismatic powers is dead on. For some reason women of all stripes love him, men want to be his friend and all sorts of opportunities are opened for him with seemingly no effort. He is willing to kill over his friends and is the first guy to kick up a shitstorm when one of us is dissed (when it can be done and we get away with it, he always has a sense of when to fight or walk away too) so their lack-of-tribe isn’t a hard rule. As a soldier they are great; there’s the book “Wisdom of Psychopaths” which interviews some elite british special forces guy and he’s a geniune psychopath. They are unfazed by danger and are willing to do crazy shit; and they follow orders WHEN THEY MAKE SENSE. Otherwise they operate with independence which you want in your most elite forces. You want someone wacked, you send the psychopath.

Anyways I wanted to respond to this comment.
“I’ve heard it said, “a true psychopath would never know he was a psycho.” I don’t buy that. A true psychopath would know exquisitely that he was a psycho…and wouldn’t care. “
I can only speak for my friend but he didn’t know he was a psycho until recently. He just thought other people made dumb choices or had weaker logical centers than him. Turns out he is half right, since the defining thing of psychopathy is that emotions don’t affect their actions. He only found out he was a psycho because he asked me, “Sometimes people just completely misunderstand what I say, Why is that?”. One thing led to another and voila.

As you can tell I’m totally jealous of him. Psychopathy is the tits in our modern society, like running on a clear high while everyone is a panicked mess. It’s like being in the zone in a game you’ve mastered and played for years going up against people who still make newbie mistakes and don’t really understand how to play and are stuck in their head. Only one weakness; There is some truth to all the posters saying they are predators who feast on the tribe. If they are poorly socialized they will roam and prey on people and they absolutely cannot sustain a hierarchy. My friend is loved by everyone and they’ll do what he says when he asks but doesn’t have that tribal-leader quality that keeps group cohesion strong. It’s hard to phrase, but he cannot see and thus cannot add to the ‘social currency’ that really tight groups use to feel bonded to one another.

There IS a place for them though. You want your doctors, soldiers, executioner headsman and your priests to all be psychopaths. The commonality is that they benefit when their personal emotions do not factor into their actions. Btw, I believe this is why they totally slay women (heh). Women manipulate emotions through superior empathy and superior empathy-manipulating-tools (boobs, childlike features, demure purring etc.) and they are completely stripped of those weapons against the psychopath. If she doesn’t have any other mental tools (and modern women are the least socially adept they’ve been in, possibly, all of human history) it’s, again, like a child fighting a master.


One of the greatest pickup artists — womanizers, in the new-old vernacular — I’ve known was on the psycho spectrum, in my estimation based on his personal acquaintance with me. And yes, women were totally out-gunned and ill-equipped to parry his charms. Short term conquests were his specialty; he had a few gfs but his relationships always ended prematurely, and usually with spectacular fireworks. He acquired many obsessive stalkers in this way.

I recall reading somewhere that heart and brain surgeons have the most psychopaths in their ranks of any occupation.

I’ve written about this before, so I’ll reiterate my thoughts here: As we enter the Fourth Turning — the time of Crisis — the sociopaths and their close cousins the psychopaths will be in their element, alternately feasting on America’s decaying husk for personal benefit and disregarding virtue signaling peers to crush the enemies of America. We would be smart to corral the Stone Cold Charisma Corp to our ShivNat cause.


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