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Top: Insol

Bottom two: Incel

All three: Narcisshits groomed on a steady diet of social media Likes.

Explains a lot.

Nasim Aghdam looks like the love child of David Hogg and Eliot Roger. Really wide face indicates psychopathic tendencies. And of course she’s a racial mutt from that part of the world that produces a disproportionate number of the world’s psychos.

Verdict: she, and her family, should never have been let into America. They aren’t like us.


I confess when I heard Oytube got shot up by this unibrow minx, I didn’t shed a tear. Globohomo Valley tech monopolies on the receiving end of their vibrant pets’ rage? Umm, sorry? I forgot to mourn.

If an emboldened horde of steppe-nomad mystery meat vegan psychocunts decides to visit hell on the centers of Leftoid Power, there isn’t a bucket of popcorn big enough to enjoy the fratricidal freakshow.


A reader writes,

The YT killer story has various levels/angles, but I think the most interesting one is the wish for revenge against a company that has taken on the task of arbitrarily censoring the content of videos posted on its system, often undermining people’s businesses in doing so. A proportion harmed by it will follow in this woman’s footsteps.

Reminder that this is the grotesquerie, deformed by inbreeding whose ancestors sacrificed a human visage and relatability for a few shekels of IQ, who controls what you see and hear on her worldwide communications medium:


It’s Revenge of the Nerds, times one million and more repulsive than any Lovecraftian horror. It’s Fuggernaut politics. The degenerate freak mafia only knows how to destroy the true and beautiful so that they no longer feel the sting of their lies and ugliness.

The Fuggernaut doesn’t want us gazing to the heavens; they want us staring at the muck.


My sides! From MPC status updates:

The internet really is an incredible mental illness incubator.

Petition to replace “marry, fuck, kill” with “italian, persian, or jew?”

Chad Bigly:

Me: The perfect Narrative Collapse doesn’t exist.

Nasim Aghdam: Hold my vegan kebab.

LOL. What’s wrong with our angry young women? Has feminist veganism gone too far?

One more flog of the Hogg:

It’s funny cause it’s cruel. (For those who don’t know, Hogg tweeted about his virginity and no-girlfriend lifestyle, confessing that his classmates think he’s weird. Who could’ve guessed that?)


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