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CH has explored the darkest nooks where psychos reveal their seduction secrets. Add one more to the Psychopath Game genre, this time from a reader:

This is an addition to your jerky testimonies. I have at least two of the three dark tetrad traits; psychopathy and machiavellianism.

The thing with psychopathy is that society has so shamed it that even a psychopath has the cognitive dissonance to never admit to themselves that they are a psychopath.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why civilized society would shame psychopaths?

But after a while, enough people tell you that you are a psychopath that you accept it.

I’ve heard it said, “a true psychopath would never know he was a psycho.” I don’t buy that. A true psychopath would know exquisitely that he was a psycho…and wouldn’t care.

My court mandated therapist hasn’t “diagnosed” me with psychopathy but he told me i have an extremely low sensitivity to stimuli. He said I need to have a job or hobby which stimulates me; like a mountain climbing guide or white water rafting instructor. Although, he never came out and said I’m a psychopath.

A lot of human personality traits reside on a spectrum of disposition. There may be a hard and fast line between non-psycho and clinical psycho, but clustering near that line — the marginal cases — people will exhibit some if not all behaviors associated with psychopathy. So the true rate of “psychopathy leaners” could be significantly higher than the 2% of the population identified as clinically psychopathic.

I have multiple friends who are ex military and they tell me I have the 1,000 yard stare. I’ve never been in the military.

I’ve had a couple stints in the clink. No prison time, just a couple days at a time.

I’ve figured out that during peace time societies and governments lock people like me up; during war time they actively seek us. They don’t put up a sign saying “psychopaths wanted” but their recruitment screen for psychopaths.

This is as good a reason as any to explain why psychopaths, if they’re so antagonistic to civil society, still exist in the human gene pool: they’re Darwinian insurance bets against existential crisis, able and willing to do what it takes to protect their tribe. (The other theory I’ve read is that the % of psychos in a population is relatively stable because at low numbers they can successfully exploit the empathically cooperative societies in which they live, but when their numbers get too high they are ruthlessly culled back to a manageable level by a “law and order” reaction to their predations.)

Side note, i’ve also figured out that police officers know exactly how to lie to get a conviction.

Psychos are often extremely canny observers of human nature (the “business card aesthetic”).

Anyway, enough background; here’s some anecdotes.

I’ve dated PhD’s, strippers, wealthy foreigners (non Americans), I’ve had ONS threesomes offered to me. I was meeting a newly single “friend” out for cocktails. I arrived earlier than her and I chatted up another woman. My “friend” showed up; a hb8 amazon; taller than me with huge tits… alpha female. the girl i chatted up earlier came and told me she wanted to have a threesome with me and my amazon “friend”. The amazon asked me what that was about, i told her that girl wants to have a threesome with us. The amazon was pensive for a minute. I wasn’t propositioning her. after a minute she said, “sure” as if it were a proposition. I told her, “let’s just wait a while” but soon both girls were grabbing my dick.

I was at the gym doing legs. I was at a squat rack. There are five other squat racks at my gym. Jacked dudes at every rack; more jacked than me. A yoga chick came up to me and told me she needed someone to teach her how to do squats. I said, “Ya, you need to.” She gave me that bright eyed surprised, “you’re an asshole!” look. then said I was really busy. But she can give me her email and i’ll send her some links. she shook my hand and intro’d herself. then she shit tested me by saying, “wow, that was a really weak hand shake.” I pulled out (heh) one of your lines and said, “I try not to hurt girls, unless it’s the right kind of hurt.”

She displayed faux indignation and gave a wow just wow reaction and chastised me for being lame.

I emailed her a couple days later with some links and told her to give me her number and we can talk about it more in person. we met for coveffee a few days later strategically near my house. we venue changed and we got a drink. you can use this line. I told her we can go to my place but I don’t think we should have sex. She’s like, “what!? why would you think we would have sex!?”

My living room is strategically arranged to be uncomfortable for guests. I have a desk and a chair and that’s about it. so wimmins have to go to my bedroom for movies/netflix. I started rubbing her pussy. She said, “I thought you said we weren’t going to have sex?” I said, “I changed my mind”


don’t use my name

If you noticed Psychopath Game and regular Game are similar in execution, you wouldn’t be far off.

Psychos have so much Outcome Independence, that it can get them in trouble…and in a lot of pussy.


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