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The Stakes

Logic writes,

One way or another, the next ten years are going to be a turning point for the US and by extension for the rest of the western world. There is no middle ground moderate outcome left. One side will prevail. I am just hoping that no blood will be shed but I am not optimistic about it.

Allow me my daily impudence allowance: there are three ways our current year impasse ends:

  1. The Left capitulates
  2. The Right capitulates
  3. Secession and separation

There’s no compromise solution, because the Left has proven over the decades that it’s uninterested in compromise. Purimtan Leftoids will take a compromise on Tuesday and agitate for more by Thursday. They believe in power, and in humiliating their enemies. They won’t rest until they have consumed everything, including themselves.

The Real Right has been capitulating, and we got Trump. If the Right continues to capitulate, we will get Trump^2. Then Trump^4, etc until there are no more Trumps, no more words, no more secretive midnight deals that shaft the common man. When that day comes, the curtain falls on this grand national experiment.

We have to face facts: Antagonistic White groups, ideologically different with different value systems that are biologically bound to different ethnicities and sub-ethnicities, can no more live side by side under the same laws than can Whites and nonWhites. The insatiable White thirst for domination and dominion extends most ferociously and predatorily over other Whites, and this drive to dominate is primarily found among Leftoid Whites.

There is a chance the Left capitulates if immense Trumpian pressure is administered, but so far what I’ve seen in the Era of Trump is a Left unhinged, violent, and committed to an increasingly deluded orthodoxy that defies Truth & Beauty and spits on it for good measure.

So I predict secession and/or separation, formal or informal, is America’s not-distant future. In our lifetimes, in fact, we will likely see the partitioning of America into geographic and administrative cloisters that actually represent the people living within them, and give them their voice.

Timestamp this post for posterity. It will truly make you heartsick with nostalgia, and proud to have been a guest at the Chateau, seeing what others did not.


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