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Don’t write off Steve Bannon yet. The man is smart as a tack, and has the moral worldview the Left hasn’t had since abolition. Here he is talking about how social media empires debase “digital sovereignty”. Via:

“Central governments debase your citizenship, central banks debase your currency, and the central, technocratic state capitalism we have with Google and Facebook take your personhood, and basically take away your intellectual property, your digital sovereignty” Bannon continued.

“Right now, you’re serfs. You’re well-paid serfs, but you’re serfs. They’ve debased your currency, and so you’re continuing to underwrite debt for sovereign governments at zero interest rates, so you’re always on the spinning wheel like a little hamster, trying to get ahead,” he told the audience.

“Because they’ve destroyed the ability of thrift, of you to save, to get ahead. It’s the same thing on your digital assets, your intellectual property: They take it all for free.”

He added that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s “entire business model” is based on these activities, “taking [your] data for free and monetising it, and then writing algorithms behind a wall that treat you like hamsters on a wheel.”

Barber was keen to steer the conversation to more comfortable topics, trying to suggest Bannon was an admirer of Fascist leader Benito Mussolini and proposing that U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans for a military parade in Washington D.C. made him a kind of latter-day Julius Caesar — but failed to land any telling blows.

Hold on, people.


is da GBFM!

It all makes sense now.

GBFM is Bannon drunk-poasting!


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