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Drudge is taunting Trump with a “Fake Veto” headline. It’s a fair shiv. Trump teased a veto of the bloated globalist omnibus bill, then signed it anyway. What it doesn’t include is more important than what it does: no funding for The Wall. Thankfully, it’s only a six month spendgap, so we revisit this stinking trillion dollar pile of GayMulatto-era crap again in September.

Politically, though, this is a loss for Trump. Finger to Heritage America wind, my take on the 2018 midterms and beyond:

He just lost the House.

Possibly the Senate too.

And 2020 is looking real shaky.

☑️ Signed Worst Budget Deal In American History
☑️ Planned Parenthood Fully Funded
☑️ Banned From Building U.S. Border Wall
☑️ Hired Iraq War Fanboy John Bolton
☑️ Demanded Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
☑️ Tweeting Leftist Gun Control Talking Points

Did Hillary win?

— Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) March 23, 2018

But six months is a long time in politics. A lot can happen that vaults Trump back to the high ground, smiting cucks and Diversicrats.

The stakes cannot be higher. If Congress flips, impeachment and the destruction of Heritage America are all but assured. As Eleutheria puts it,

When one (both) chambers flip, they will stall him for 2 years. No more wall funding. No tightening of immigration.

Then whatever half-baked token candidate the Dems field will wipe the floor with him, and commission diversity themed art on his wall prototypes.

Imagine a nation of bald lesbian dykes stomping on a Chad’s face, forever. Oh and we’ll get this, too:

This is the not-so-far off future for everyone if Trump and Trumpism are defeated.

Jack McKrack writes,

the bill for his protection by the Military Deep State came due. and boy was it a doozy. let’s pray he gets something out of it.

look, Trump has limitations. i hate this bill. HATE it. there’s nothing good about it. but what’s the alternative? T has every Deep State scumbag breathing down his neck and the MSM pulling out all the stops 24/7. getting this shit bill out of the way buys him some time to deal with Mueller & Co and plan The Next Big Shakeup. he’s mortal. but he’s the best we got.

This might be the window Trump needs to fire Mueller and end the witch hunt which was always intended to hobble him for the full four or eight years. He’s given the DoD State what they want and now he has a brief moment to leverage his payment into real action by firing Mueller. We’ll see if the Drone State doesn’t turn on him as well.

The bill preserves untold numbers of GayMulatto diversity grant programs and includes Democreep-approved language that the 1.2 billion earmarked for border security applies only to fencing and not to any wall prototypes introduced after 2017. I’m sure after a close reading of this encyclopedic monstrosity we’ll find that the 2nd Amendment was repealed. As Ann Coulter twatted, “Congratulations, President Schumer”.

This is who won today:

There is no “minority”; there is only the Globohomo Uniparty (vs Trump and the People).

Cackling Merchant.


There’s no way Trump comes out looking good in the immediate aftermath of signing into law this giant middle finger to heartland america. But maybe there’s a midterm election strategy, outlined by J.H.,

Omnibus expires in 6 months.  He probably WANTS this fight, but wants to do it closer to the election.  Make the 2018 election a referendum on The Wall, immigration, etc.  6 more months of omnibus is no big deal if he has a plan.  He’s earned some trust and a right to be flexible.

Trump’s hands were tied. The GOPe pukes dumped this Globobus spending bill on him just before their two week recess. He knew a gov shutdown for that long would blow back hard on him, given the helping hand of the media to redirect blame away from congress and to Trump. Still doesn’t excuse it; Trump should’ve been involved in this bill sooner. I hate to say it but he may have been outplayed….just this once, ZOG unwilling.

AJP adds,

I don’t know if it’s possible at this point that Trump understands how and why he was elected.

In my black pill moments, I wonder the same. Bannon was right. “Let Trump be Trump”. If only Trump had taken his advice to heart.

So why didn’t Trump shutter the government and ride the hate, like he’s done so expertly since the day he announced? I think he realized he was stuck between a cuck and a hard place. Optimistically, he signed because:

1. Trump is flushing out the cucks to weaken their hold on the GOP

2. Trump had to pay the Drone State for having his back on the Russia Hoax witch hunt

3. A veto would have made an enemy of everyone on Capitol Hill, effectively ending Trump’s Presidency.

But still I think he would have been better off striking a blow against the swamp. Wounds to his base of support this deep — and don’t kid yourselves the Chaimstream Media will blare 24/7 how Trump “caved” on his demand for Wall funding — don’t easily heal.

Therajraj sneers,

How about a simpler explanation : Trump never believed anything he said and just wanted to put another notch on his bed post of achievements?

Wrong. Trump would not have risked sacrificing everything — including the financial viability of his brand name — on a lark. Go back to old interviews of Trump. He’s been pro NatPop for a long time.

Trump is not the enemy. He is our ally in a fight with incredible odds against him, and an implacable merciless conniving enemy intent on destroying his Presidency and the hopes of the Good Half of America who voted for him. He will backslide. He will make mistakes. He will occasionally tactically retreat in the face of a massive enemy offensive. And he will hate doing it, because he truly does care about the Forgotten Americans who made him their emissary.

So what do we MAGAmen do come Nov? Oy, there’s the rub. The GOPe is full of traitors. The Democreeps are full of anti-White tyrants. Trump was the answer.

I’m not counting him out yet, but we’re at a nadir. A MAGAbyss. All things considered, we’re still far better off than with president thecunt, but if Trump doesn’t want to go down a loser, he’s gonna need to fight harder, and smarter, because his enemies — and by the transitive property, AMERICA’S enemies — are legion and animated by demonic energies.

DEUSVULT sends us off with a positive suggestion that beats wasting time endlessly black pilling disingenuously about Trump,

If people want to be angry, turn that anger at your congressmen and senators that created and voted for this bill, this political trap to turn us against POTUS. Show that anger through local elections.

This WAS a realignment. It’s now a whirlwind. Chaos will save us.

More of this, please, and soon:


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