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Gentlemen….Game 101:

Never EVER take a woman to dinner before you’ve fucked her. You’re begging to be resource exploited. (aka economically objectified)

If the girl wants you, dinner isn’t necessary to coax her across the consummative threshold.

If the girl doesn’t want you, dinner won’t change her mind.

Save your money, sup her honey.

Stick with bottom shelf sugary drinks for those first crucial dates. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Food only gets in the way of alcohol absorption, and no girl feels sexy gnawing rack of rib in between talking about herself.

If anything, buying expensive dinners to impress a woman will turn down her thermosnatch. One, she’ll perceive (rightly more often than not) that you’re desperate and trying to pry her legs open with lavish payments up front. Two, if she thinks she can soak you before soaking your hog, she will.

Sperg Alert draws up the timeline:

What happens when you take out a #Modern #Wamen to a fancy dinner, and achieve… The #Friendzone.

…But don’t worry! She’ll suddenly have #Sex with you when she’s 35, and #PostWall after #Chad stops returning the phone calls, and you can have maybe 5-10 years of #Marriage before she #DivorceRapes you.

There is no end to the ways in which being in the bangzone is better than being in the friendzone.

PS What kind of dingbat spends $400 at an Italian restaurant? It’s fuckin pasta!


Henry Mueller is positioning for a COTW nomination:

Seriously. In the wake of #reetoo, I can’t count the number of “bad date” articles by complaining women that have appeared: “His choice of guacamole felt really problematic to me.”

If a lsmv man dares to even approach a woman, it’s “entitlement” rape. But if a decent guy she didn’t click with disappoints her, she feels obligated to write up a novella about it.

It’s a bizarro world we live in where a man seeking sex with a woman is taboo and a woman seeking to syphon off everything she can get while giving nothing in return is celebrated.

The term of art is Gynarcho-Tyranny. And only Game can defeat it….and save the West.


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