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The latest shitlib outrage du jour is about Cambridge Analytica and their work unwittingly helping LITERALLY HITLER DRUMPPHPHPH win in 2016 through totally legal purchased access to data-mined Faceborg info for user sentiment. Suddenly, shitlibs have noticed that monopolistic social media companies have too much privacy-violating control of our personal details now that those Big Brother-esque companies and their willingness to sell user data have been exploited by Trump campaign hires instead of the Gay Mulatto campaign.

TJP recaps a surprisingly good National Cuckview article about the Left’s strange new respect for the Social Media Menace,

The moral panic over social media and the ‘misuse’ of information is ONLY about suppressing right-wing speech and taking away the tools of mass communication from people on the right.

That’s all it’s about and that’s all it’s ever been about. The Obama campaign quite literally wrote the book on social media manipulation and massive data harvesting. Nobody in the press or Silicon Valley cared, because he won.

Now that Trump won based on (largely organic) social media success, our democracy has suddenly been ‘corrupted’ by a ‘war’ of ideas and information that manipulates people into voting the wrong way.

The left had a monopoly on broadcast media for decades. They got to decide who was legitimate and who wasn’t. Then the internet came along and gave THE PEOPLE a voice — and surprise, it’s not working out so well for the left.

All these current social media recriminations are about is reestablishing the old order. Instead of the big-three broadcast networks where liberals decide what voices are heard, we’re headed into the big-three social media networks where, again, liberals decide what voices are heard.

Simply breaking up the big tech monopoly isn’t going to fix this — we need legislation binding tech monopolies to the Constitution. It’s the ONLY way we’re going to escape censorship.

Shitlibs are getting worked up over what are essentially targeted political ads because their side didn’t get to benefit from it this time. It’s a grab at maintaining their total control of the informational vertical and horizontal.

Countenance Blog writes,

I’m so old that I remember when the Democrat-left-media just LOVED the political data game.

Like, five years ago.

Exactly. I can recall the fawning articles delving into Gay Mulatto’s “big data” gurus and super savvy datanauts. It’s like the history-washing shitlib Left thinks no one remembers anything more than five minutes ago. Trump came along and his team basically co-opted lib battlefield tactics, and OUTMANEUVERED libs on their own turf! That’s gotta burn, so libs are in full hysteria mode trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes long enough to build a Fake Impeachment case against Trump. Russiahoax isn’t working, so it’s back to the well with Cambridge Analytica, and maybe Stormy Daniels as a last ditch effort.

The Big Four Socials — Goolag, Faceborg, Fapple, Twatter — along with the Biggest Technopoly, Scamazon, have to be broken up under existing anti-trust laws, and/or regulated as common carrier utilities. The shitlibs who run these companies have way too much power to censor and demonetize political opponents, (not to mention get employees like James Damore fired for speaking uncomfortable truths about the Diversity Racket). Big Data and the selling of personal user information to the highest bidder is an affront to a humanistic interpretation of civilization, and there really is a dire need to curb the power of the Dopamine Drippers and protect users’ privacy.

If it takes Cambridge Analytica to focus shitlib minds on the Social Media Menace, then so be it; just make sure your local indignant lib is continually reminded that regulating the socials means his tribe won’t be able to exploit them for narrative control or electoral profit any longer like they’ve been doing.

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