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Preemptive Rejection Game

Girl sidles up next to you at the bar to browse the tap selection. You, after binge reading CH: “I see the way you’re looking at me. Might want to tone it down a bit, I don’t date amateurs.”

Girl: “I wasn’t looking at you.”

You: “Win-win.”

What does a woman want? A man who’s rejected her.

Clear the way for Preemptive Rejection Game! From PBR Streetgang,

Can’t decide whether to shit or go blind with the options – I’m going on a campaign of rejecting women from the get-go. Gonna respond to even passing glances with ‘I’m not available’ – reject, reject, reject – my new modus operandi.

“Can I pet your dog” – You’re not my type
“Would you like your receipt” – Stop hitting on me
“Press the button for 5th floor” – I’m dating someone
“Good Morning…” – Too bad, I’m gay .. Try that guy

I was all in for ‘Approach Week’ – but their behavior recently has me fed up – her comes ‘Rejection Week’ – And I’m not feeling the lease bit anxious about it.

This is all upside if your approach game isn’t working for you. Sure, you might lose a few girls who’ll call your bluff, but overall your number of hits should go up because girls find it tough to resist a man who resists them.

Preemptive Rejection falls under the umbrella category of Disqualification Game and is an extreme version of the Assume the Sale tactic. You go about your day assuming all women want your D, but they have no chance to get it. You are disqualifying girls from being worthy of your consideration, while collaterally implying they want you. It’s courtship script flipping on steroids.

The best thing about Preemptive Rejection Game is that it’s just damned funny if your timing and delivery are right. Most girls will laugh, a little anxiously, not knowing whether you’re serious or joking around, because it’s something they never hear from most men. Humor can take a totally cold open from Zero to Curious in ten seconds flat. Even faster if the humor is deadpan.


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