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I like recalling 2015-2016, when Trump steamrolled 17 cuckservative GOPers to secure the nomination. There are enough highlights of Trump hilariously insulting his opponents to create a separate blog dedicated to cataloguing them.

Jim Christian writes,

[Trump] always told Rubio he gets better pussy than Rubio ever did, a sly insult to Rubio’s wall-impacted Jew wife.

Did Trump say that to Rubio? Maybe JC is confusing Rubio for Tucker Carlson, whom Trump *did* taunt about him getting hotter women than Tucker.

He was right. There’s a picture of Rubio’s slag. She was wearing this dress with the Jewey, really, really Jewey stars embroidered into her dress. Would love to see that one again. Bitch’s phone clutched tightly in one hand, pushing her husband away with the other. What a cunt, although Rubio is a cuck. Clearly a half-a-faig. The two of them deserve the miserable divorce rape they have coming.

Here ya go:


She’s “leaning out” farther than Sheryl Sandberg’s husband did on the treadmill that tragic day.


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