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Henry Mueller concludes his special counsel investigation and astutely notes that the men who are hostile to women are often the ones claiming the mantle of gentleman supremacy.

A funny thing that confirms what we’ve been saying for years is that feminists like to strawman by saying men who run game are fundamentally hostile towards women. When in the actual [Seinfeld] episode, the point of “the Opposite” is that George becomes magnetic only when he totally gives up caring what women think of him.

It’s the Supreme Gentlemen who have the real seething hatred towards women, because they actually care what women think. It takes a new level of confidence to tell the beautiful blonde “this probably isn’t going to work” when she asks why you didn’t shave.

I always regretted that after such a spectacular transformation, the George character in Seinfeld returned to being a nebbish nerd. It always felt to me like that episode was the series peak, and after that it became a little looser at the seams.

This helps explain all those rape-y shitlib males in the news recently. They’re lsmv chinless dweebs who appease, supplicate, and dance like lackeys for the manjaws in their midst in the hopes that one of them will look kindly upon their obsequiousness and toss them a pity fuck. When the libwomen decline the anhedonic offers on display in their open office bughives, the shitlib males freak out and become angrier than Elliot Rodger after watching another yellow pearl fall into the hands of a White Chad. “Why doesn’t this blue hair feminist with the blowjob enhancing tongue stud appreciate my male feministery? THE BITCH”, wails the shitlib male, psyching himself up for an awkward tit grope at the HuffPo retreat.

If you, as a member in good standing of the male feminist Castrati, care a lot what women think of you, then when women inevitably let you down after all the effort you put into giving them what they claim to want from men, your reaction is likely to be seething resentment. It’s the Real Entitlement Mentality that femcunt women complain about, located most centrally in their own weaselly lib “niceguys”.

Of course, libchicks are practiced in the art of negative transference, saving themselves the discomfort of looking closely at exactly which types of men make them horny. In the leftoid universe (a smelly place rapidly contracting to a twinkularity), a misogynist is “a sexy White man I want but can’t have” if the accusation is hurled by a woman, and “a popular White chad who used to stuff me in lockers” if the accusation is hurled by a soyboy mangina.


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