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The look of admiration, which in women is the same as the look of love. Thus, adoration, the coupling of admiration with love.

PS Stormy Daniels alluded on-air in 2007 that Trump was “the best sex she ever had”. Reminder that this was when Trump was in his 60s, and she was a porn whore who had taken untold numbers of cock to all of her holes. Add her to the list of Trump’s lovers who have said the same about his bedroom prowess. (Also add to the list of Trump qualities that drive shitlibs insane with rage and envy.)

FYI if you are a powerful man with a dominating personality and a ZFG attitude, it won’t matter if you’re 60 and out of shape….porn stars will feel like they’ve had their world rocked in bed with you.

PPS An excellent forum-form essay by Harry Dexter Whyte on the Trump-Mueller shit show and the rusty, road-worn shitlib outrage machine that fails against the force of nature in the White House.

There is no end in sight, the charges are dubious and unanswerable, the media reaction is unhinged and extreme, the potential punishment is completely over the top (execute him! the second generation “Russian” immigrant insists).

The Trump-Russia hysteria, and the Mueller investigation it has produced and sustained, has all the hallmarks of the s**tlib outrage machine. It’s interesting to note that they behave the exact same way when going after some random guy on Twitter for wrongthink. Of course the difference here is that they are trying this approach on the most adept politician of the last fifty years.

The comparison works on another level too. Ultimately what’s at stake here is speech. What Trump has said. The charges now being levied against him rely on uncharitable interpretations of his words to Comey and patently absurd interpretations of US law. Twisting and turning the most innocuous phrase into the gravest offense is a s**tlib specialty. They do it all the time!

Again, the big difference is that the man they are attempting to slander is no ordinary man. Dain has said that freedom of speech in modern society has become the privilege of the rich and those with nothing to lose. I think that’s a profoundly truthful statement, but I also think that, as in many other areas, Trump is the exception to the rule. It is true that he is very wealthy, and it seems (to many outside observers) that he has nothing to lose, but neither of these things has been what’s saved him.

What saved him was getting elected. It was the voters who supported what he said, in anticipation of what he would do. They took him at his word, because he spoke in a blunt and frank way about issues that seriously concerned them. Had the voters not given him their support he would have been left with a ruined reputation at best, after losing the primaries, and possible prison time at worst, after losing the general election. The stakes were high and the victory was narrow but he overcame the odds. That is what is so enraging about him for some people and so impressive about him for others.

All this is to say that Trump’s speech is a Janus coin – simultaneously appalling and delighting people. It produces such a dichotomous reaction that it becomes almost impossible to have a reasonable discussion about it, the divide being so stark. And when it comes to accusations of obstruction of justice, the same issue arises. For some people he clearly obstructed (and by implication must be guilty of something else even if we can’t prove it!) and for others he simply spoke reasonably to his subordinate (who, like the weasel he is, “recorded” every conversation he had with his boss).

The question, then, is when Mueller looks at what Trump says what side of the Janus coin does he see? Given everything we know, I highly doubt his interpretation is kind. Indeed, it is a testament to the lasting power of the cuckservative mindset that people like Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy still act as the Mueller investigation is some high-handed, fair-minded, truth-seeking enterprise.

But Trump is smart enough to see the investigation for what it is. This will undoubtedly inform his decision making, and at some point he will have to take drastic action. Shitlibs may think it is reasonable to keep this investigation going for the next three years but I can’t imagine Trump will stand for that. Inasmuch as anyone can divine his future plans (a folly that journalists continue to fruitlessly engage in) I think that much is clear. If the shitlibs force his hand he will not hesitate.

Kebab saving robot has a good follow-up:

I can’t wait for the day that things finally turn around and the investigations start pointing the other way.

Huma Abedin committed actual crimes. This is a confirmed fact. Those emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop are all the evidence needed to convict. The only reason she hasn’t been prosecuted so far is “prosecutorial discretion”/corruption.

James Comey committed actual crimes. Every time he anonymously leaked classified information he committed a crime.

Hillary Clinton took money from Russian groups for her “charity” while delivering their favored policies via the state department.

Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

Why the f**k is the only investigation in Washington pointed at Trump?

The legislative branch won’t pull the trigger because it would feel too much like winning, but I expect Trump is eventually going to turn the prosecutions around on his enemies.

The IG report is expected to drop soon. Trump may be waiting for that to give him cover to fire Mueller (which would be the predictable move), or he, being Trump, may strike now, inciting Democrats and their fanatic shitlib base to anti-America apoplexy, only to have his judgment confirmed by the IG report that is released shortly after.


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