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I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before. A criminally curious researcher averaged the faces of normies and compared the composites with an average of the faces of those possessing the Dark Triad personality traits (a suite that includes psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) and discovered that jerkiognomy is real.

Average faces of 33 men and 48 women high and low in Dark Triad traits: psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism https://t.co/2fcZNyk3Ha pic.twitter.com/04K9Q97dIn

— Diana S. Fleischman (@sentientist) March 18, 2018

From the paper’s abstract:

Is facial structure a valid cue of the dark triad of personality (Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy)? I obtained self-reports and peer reports of personality as well as expression-neutral photographs of targets, and then I created prototypes of people high and low on each of the three dimensions by digitally combining select photographs of Caucasian targets. The results indicated that unacquainted observers reliably detected the dark triad composite, especially in female prototypes. Thus, not only is the dark triad a set of psycho-social characteristics—it may also be a set of physical–morphological characteristics. In the Discussion, I introduce a website that stores these personality prototypes and many others (http://www.nickholtzman.com/faceaurus.htm).

The evidence is piling up that we really can judge a book by its cover. Fat chicks are bitter. Manjaws are cunts. The gayfaced are narcissists. Waifs are emotionally manipulative. Wide-faced men are aggressive. Dindus are [laundry list of dysfunctional behaviors]. (Although even within the world of dinduognomy, there are less sociopathic and more sociopathic individuals.)

The face is a window to the soul. Character is countenance.

Lest we get ahead of ourselves, this study had a very small sample size. There’s more research to be done to see if this replicates with a much larger subject pool, and if it correlates across race. But it provides a chilling hint at the nature of our humanity — it’s more mechanical than transcendent.

My thoughts on the commonalities of the DT and non-DT composites (DT = Dark Triad):

Overall, the DT women look more attractive than the non-DT women. The attractiveness differential isn’t huge, though, so if you don’t want a bunny boiler you needn’t have to settle for a plain jane. However, the difference is big enough to ungenerously conclude that pretty women are all manipulative, attention whoring psychocunts.

The attractiveness differentials for the men are more of a mixed bag. The male narcissist looks more masculine (heavier jawline and brow, thinner lips, smaller eyes) than his humble counterpart, but the masculinity differences are much less obvious between the psychopath and machiavellian composites. If anything, the psychopath male looks more feminine than his trustworthy counterpart. The machiavellian male is your classic “pretty boy” but I wouldn’t say he is more masculine looking than his counterpart.

This is important for Game aficionados and students of the crimson arts, because men with the Dark Triad personality traits do better with women, so their success is not necessarily a function of associated masculine physical attractiveness.

(One wag in that Twatter thread noted that the narcissist male looked arabic…and that the DT women looked “more White”.)

Interestingly, the non-DT women and the DT men appear to share facial structures. As someone noted, the DT women have slimmer (and longer) faces and juttier chins. Which is close to the mirror image of the men; the non-DT men have the slimmer and longer faces and the DT men are wider-faced.

All the DT men look meaner than the non-DT men. All the DT women look sexier and sluttier than the non-DT women (ie they are ready and eager to fuck…with your head).

Mm hmm, makes sense. DT men succeed by dominating the social space or others’ perceptions of them, rather than cooperating within the social space or allowing others to form their perceptions unimpeded. DT women succeed by exploiting their sexuality to get men to do their bidding, rather than meet men halfway in mutual adoration to build a long-lasting relationship. All this is apparent in the shape of the face, which acts as a palimpsest of one’s innate character.

The physical facial differences are greater between the DT and non-DT women than they are between the DT and non-DT men. Why? I don’t know, but it aligns with my observations and romantic experiences with waifish, lithesome cuties batting big eyes and resting their dainty heads in their delicate hands as they attempt, usually unsuccessfully, to mindfuck yours truly into surrendering frame and losing state control. (I may or may not be a DT kinda guy, but I learned early on how to spot them and flip the predator-prey script.)

DT women are femmes fatales. Particularly, the femme fatale known as the Eternal Ingenue. So cute and sexy….and so likely to rob you blind in divorce court, spend the winnings on her live-in methhead boyfriend, and wind up on a list of hot female teachers who have been caught banging their students.



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