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Merkel LEGOs

Do not adjust your screen. This is not a prank. It’s your new reality. Diversity blocks — aka Merkel LEGOs — have been popping up all over Germany for the past few years, at Christmas markets and airports, tourist spots and campuses. This is the fruit of mass muslim colonization into Western countries. Your high trust society and expectation of enjoying a public space free from jihadis in trucks ramming pedestrians is a luxury of the pre-globohomo past, when white bigots roamed the earth.

If you can’t see anything wrong with these pictures, please self-deliver, to honor your ancestors.

Mutter Merkel should be remembered as a traitor to her country, but having these 2 ton anti-monoculture blocks named after her is an acceptable legacy. I first heard the term listening to a Europa Weekly podcast on Soundcloud. The men who run that show — a Finn, a Frog, and a Spud Famine Survivor — are funny, and their accents make the show even funnier.


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