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Spot The Beta

Paris Hilton is back in the news (her reappearance strangely feels like a breath of fresh air after the deluge of degeneracy that followed in her culturally quaint wake). One of the first pathologically narcissist women with a sex tape and a media happy to elevate her to the status of celebrity famous for being famous, Paris is up to her usual Dark Triad BPD antics in this photo hand-delivered by Gabber @cnair, who comments on the sexual power dynamics between Paris and her fiancé evident in their PR announcement photo:

Classic beta pose. He’s consumed with her, she’s consumed with the camera.

Though admittedly the bigger tell is that he’s even willing to be the public boyfriend of a notorious camwhore.

Some men who have mistresses and run in party circuits with lots of willing quasi-whores are the kind of men who JDGAF about the sexual histories of their chosen martial imprimaturs. I bet that’s what’s going on with Mr. Beta Cocksa Number 175. He looks like the sort of douchebag who’s already mapped out his extramarital affairs.

One the other hand, as cnair noted, this is a classic beta pose by the fiancé, and any man willing to PUBLICLY announce in photographic format his intention to make an honest woman out of a notorious cock gobbling slutstress is the sort of man who likely is riddled with self-doubt and anxiety about his ability to snag a more valuable chaste woman of equal or hotter facial configuration.

Or it could be that this beta is in it for the money, and is doing what Paris wants him to do to keep that gravy train flowing.

Christmas with my love. ?? #LifeisBeautiful pic.twitter.com/DgluKUFeVW

— Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) December 26, 2017


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