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In my view, an unresolved mystery of human evolution is why women would bother engaging in status jockeying competition with other women when men choose mates primarily based on physical attractiveness and youth (but I repeat myself), traits which women have little control over and which are hardly altered by direct competition with other women. It’s obvious why men compete with other men….women are attracted to high status men who can provide resources and social connections for them and their children. It’s not so obvious why women compete with other women given that no man who wasn’t a scheming gigolo marrying an older rich widow to finance his gay twink lifestyle ever gave a rat’s ass about a woman’s social station.

And swaggering in to add the weight of natural world evidence to the evolutionary mystery of intra-female status wars, is our old friend ¡SCIENCE!: (via rman2017)

CH, here is a documentary about wolves.

I’ve forwarded to the part on topic. The females go into heat and the alpha has to choose which one he will mate with. He has 2 choices, who happen to be sisters. The assertive, aggressive Grey Female Alpha (GFA). Or the shy, submissive Black Female Omega (BFO). A few interesting bits:

1. The beta is disciplining the females, and being especially aggressive towards GFA. The Beta acts like the court eunuch keeping the harem in line.

Lupus orbiters.

2. The Alpha DGAF. He’s playing in the snow. (If you watch the full documentary you will see at the beginning that he establishes himself as alpha not because of his size or age, but because his attitude.)

no matter what happens, his claws are a-tapping’.

3. The Alpha makes his choice. It’s the BFO. Social rank within the female group has no bearing on the Alpha, as he completely disregards their status. He goes for shy and submissive. He knows that the mate he chooses will automatically become the Alpha Female in the pack by association, not the petty games the females play between them.

Among wolves, female social rank is irrelevant to alpha male mate choice.

Among humans, same. If you’re a hot babe, you’ll attract the attention of alpha males, no matter your social or occupational status. But human society is a bit more complex, so there must be a reason intra-female competition evolved.

One theory: women compete to demoralize SMV-comparable competition into ceding the playing field. Men won’t date women they don’t ever see or meet.

Another theory: A woman’s male partner isn’t the only provider of resources for her and her children by him. Other women can act as proxy providers by cajoling or otherwise influencing their own male partners to redistribute their resources to the highest status woman in the tribe/suburban neighborhood. Under this hypothesis, women compete to earn the favor of not just men, but of everyone so that they are looked favorably upon when times are tough and favors are needed.

Consolation prize theory: women compete intrasexually to scratch their itch for drama that they aren’t scratching with all the boring beta males sniveling around them for a piece of pity pussy.

Bottom line: there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the nature of the psychosexual differences between the sexes that needs clarifying before we #MeToo ourselves into Darwinian oblivion. One major source of misunderstanding is the mass psychological projection that men and women, but particularly women, engage in when they delude themselves into believing what attracts them to the opposite sex is also what attracts the opposite sex to them.

Koanic gave one sterling example of female projection feeding into false female beliefs of a societal double standard holding The Woman down:

If women can indiscriminately hit on all men by dressing like whores, then men can indiscriminately hit on all women by propositioning them like whores.

This gets at the heart of moderin confusion: sex denialism obfuscates differences between men and women, notably ignoring the fact that men are visually aroused and women holistically aroused. So in effect women dressing like whores IS hitting on men.

A lot of man-hating cruelty and female unhappiness could be avoided if we all accepted the biological truth that male desire is focused through the eyes while female desire is focused through the ego.

Similarly, the false consciousness that female social rank matters a whit to male arousal thwarts the budding of a lot of potential romances, while wasting in the rogering trenches the prime birthing years of women afflicted with the delusion of male desire for empowered careerist tankgrrl shrikes.


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