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The Schizophrenic Sh*tlib

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Shitlibs are children. Emotionally stunted, psychologically scarred, and physically androgynous, the schizoid shitlib deserves nothing more than dismissive contempt or sadistic trolling (Trump’s specialty). They are best treated the same way a parent would treat a misbehaving brat: with firm paternal discipline and withholding of their allowance.

Shitlibs aren’t really schizoid…not all of them, anyhow. I’m taking artistic license. They’d like to be called schizo, because it would excuse them of any personal responsibility for their elemental dishonesty. What they are is more sinister: unprincipled, disingenuous, double-talking sophists who will say anything, however self-contradictory or hypocritical, if it hurts their enemies.

Why bother reasoning with these emotionally incontinent headcases? They won’t argue in good faith, ever. The winning response to shitlibcanery is mockery and public shaming, until they crawl away to impotently fume with their fellow losers.


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