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The Science Of Mean Girls

Another telling indication of the cramped mental universe of white knights and dyke-wave feminists is their studied ignorance of the existence of intrasexual female competition. Women, in their way, can be harsh toward what they perceive to be their sexual market competition. It’s not always female conformism and gogrrl #MeToo mutual ego stroking. We go to SCIENCE on the scene for evidence of lengua a lengua calumny among the fairer sex:

Why fertile women hate a pretty face

Everyone loves a pretty face – except those women who might see it as a threat. With eyes on the competition, women of childbearing age rate other attractive women consistently lower than women who have entered menopause, according to a new study.

“It’s almost as if they’re putting down other attractive women,” says Benedict Jones, a psychologist at Aberdeen University, UK, who led the study of 97 middle-aged women.


No matter their menopausal status, women favoured masculine-looking men. Yet when rating other women, women still able to have children rated feminine faces as slightly less attractive than menopausal women.

Competition between fertile women seems like the best explanation, Jones says. “It’s quite well established that as women go through menopause they shift from a mating-oriented mindset to more family-oriented mindset,” he says.

me-OW! Women don’t fight with fists (unless they’re ghetto queens); they fight with gossip, innuendo, and slander. And they’re very good at it, coming as naturally to them as it does to the soystaff at Vox.com.

The question I ask myself is what evolutionary benefit, exactly, do these catty fertile women receive from under-rating pretty women? It’s not as if a woman’s spitefully harsh rating of her feminine competition will change men’s minds about what they find attractive. Men judge women through their own male eyes, not through other women’s eyes.

My guess is that women undermine pretty women to avoid slipping into a long-term depressive state themselves that will hurt their chances to attract quality men. Looks are 99% of a woman’s skill set, but after controlling for looks men will prefer the company of a happy woman over a despondent woman. Happy women think they HAVE A CHANCE. Sad women don’t bother trying to flirt with men, and so men figure they aren’t interested in being solicited. Maybe these nasty woman games give women just enough of an edge to out-shine other women of similar SMV. (There’s no way in this reality a LSMV woman outshines a HSMV woman. As in any war, the worst fighting is between close cousins.)

Another theory I have is that cattiness demoralizes the female competition if they are informed of the gossip campaign against them. Demoralized women might cede the mating field to other women of equivalent SMV, and men won’t meet women who don’t make themselves available for meeting.


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