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Audacious E had a couple of posts about chicks digging jerks, in which he trawled GSS data to confirm what is bleedingly obvious to anyone who’s lived a day in his life and has seen how differently younger, hotter, tighter women react to assholes and niceguys. The eye twinkle a girl flashes when a jerk teases her is unmistakable, and a stark contrast to the eye dullness she betrays when a niceguy properly courts her.

Some girls, we must admit, twinkle for prison yard shank artists. But most girls just want a man who doesn’t immediately return their phone calls, or who says stuff like “you don’t look fat in that dress…per se“, or who schedules three dates in one night, or who gives his girl a bag of Skittles for her birthday. Whatever the degree of jerkitude, chicks dig it. And it’s not just ghetto mamas going for black thugs. The jerk allure crosses racial lines.

White men who have done jail time report having had more sexual partners.

But maybe you think the jerkboy magic only works on lower class girls….the Jerks and Skanks Find Each Other theory of womanly desire. Not so fast, Tradcon Defender of Distaff Honor. In a follow-up post, AE graphed number of lifetime female sexual partners among men who have and have not spent time in prison, further broken down by social class:

The trend for jerks to have more sex partners than niceguys holds up across all social classes, from lower to upper. This is dynamite stuff….chicks in all social classes dig jerks in their respective class. (We can presume that each class of men draws from a pool of women who are in the same class, or close to it. Upper class jerkboys are likely scoring with middle and upper class cuties. Likewise, lower class jerkboys choose lovers from among lower and working class girls.)

Now, it’s fair to say that ex-cons are more likely to lie about their sex lives than are law abiding niceguys, but given that the disparities in partner count are significant (and exceptionally large among lower class men) it’s likely that these disparities would still exist even if we could control for inflated parter numbers by lying ex-cons. I’d bet, too, that lying about notch counts is more common among lower class thieves than among upper class criminals, which may help to explain the enormous difference in partner number between lawless and lawful lower class men.

An additional possibility — and one which I happen to think is correct — is that the infamous lust chicks have for jerks is attenuated in its intensity as one climbs the social class ladder. That is, all chicks dig jerks, but not all jerks are dug by chicks. For lower class chicks, the desire for jerkboys is more primitive, and only hardcore lawbreakers can satisfy them. As we move up in social class, women swoon for the more refined jerk, perhaps the man who, rather than have a gang sign tattooed on his pec, has an S&M playpen in his basement, or a honed skill for subtly bringing the typical woman’s sky high self-esteem in line with reality, or a flair for teasing that walks up to but doesn’t cross the line of personal insults.

AE adds an important footnote,

Interestingly, the deleterious effects of the sexual revolution may be neutralized by the salubrious effects–at least in this particular context–of modern contraception. While criminals and low-lifes do more fornicating, they do not appear to do more procreating. Among men aged 30 or older, those who have done time average 1.94 children while those who have not average 2.08 children.

The Pill and widespread dissemination (heh) of cheap and effective condoms has severed the link between jerkboy sexual success and jerkboy reproductive success. This is a fascinating development for the reason that it probably hasn’t happened at any time in human evolution before now, at least not on the scale we have experienced in the post-moderin West. The post-industrial sexual market endured a seismic blast to its balancing mechanisms, and no one knows for sure how this will play out, but I will speculate here.

Women and men remain guided by their primitive sexual appetites, inherited over millions of years in a pre-agriculture, Dunbar friendly environment. Women love physically and mentally tough men who act like they could protect them during dangerous times; men love prime nubility women who could violate age of consent laws in some states. Particularly for women, their appetites are mismatched to the current sexscape; jerkboys aren’t the “rational” choice anymore, because we have the State to protect women from predation by competing tribes and rapists.

But women still love the jerks. If there wasn’t a contraceptive revolution sixty years ago, jerkboys would have a disproportionate share of their sprogs seeding the following generations, as it likely has been for most of human history. Contraceptives broke the chain linking jerkboy reproductive success across generations. In the Darwinian calculus, this means fewer jerkboy genes in future generations. It may NOT mean fewer jerkboy-LOVING genes in future generations of Western women, though. Women who love jerkboys are still reproducing (perhaps on par with women who prefer niceguys), so presumably their genes would continue into the next generations of their daughters and grand-daughters…..UNLESS the niceguy betas they have kids with contribute genes to daughters that somehow influence them to prefer niceguys like themselves.

(Keep in mind that this is predicated on the observation that a jerkboy-loving woman, when she eventually settles down with a dupe beta male, suffers a loss of passion and zeal for living that accompanies settling for a dependable but boring partner who is less desirable than the jerks she loved utterly and completely back in her sexy teens and twenties. That is, women who settle for niceguys after a decade or more of jerkboy journeys aren’t very happy about their acquiescence to biological reality and their impending Wall impact, so their jerk-digging genes would sneak into couplings with oblivious beta niceguys.)

Here’s where it gets veeeerrry interesting. What happens when you have the emergence of a sexual market predominated by jerk-adoring chicks and boring beta niceguys, with very few jerks around to satisfy the cravings of the chicks surrounded by betas, because jerk genes have been mostly culled from the population?

What does an alpha cad-craving girl do when all her mate options are super swell beta dad types? She might do this:

The title of this post is a hint at what a contraceptively reconfigured future sexual market might mean for the vanishingly few jerkboys still on the loose in a world filled with niceguys and sexually unfulfilled women: poon paradise. In the land of the neutered soyboy, the ZFG jerkboy with one ball is king.

The Pill is having potentially cataclysmic, humanity-altering impacts that very few are willing to openly discuss or to prognosticate upon. MUH REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM is the unquestioned core tenet of secularism, and yet right under our foamy rhetoric a Darwinian tsunami is about to submerge the West in the effluvia of birth control pills, and the outcome may not be conducive to the sustainability of civilization.

We may lose our own jerk sons to the Pill and the Rubber, but we will have gained in the trade the jerk sons of alien tribes. Or we will over-domesticate ourselves and be sitting ducks for invaders. Or our women, uninspired by the weak niceguys available to them, will continue delaying marriage and childbirth until our people evaporate into anhedonia. Or we will morph into an androgynous consumerist slop that fills boardrooms while emptying bedrooms.

I’ll leave you with this crimson pilled portent: hormonal birth control use is associated with an increased risk of attempted suicide and suicide among women.

Among women who used hormonal contraceptives currently or recently, the risk of attempting suicide was nearly double that of women who had never used contraceptives. The risk was triple for suicide. The patch was linked to the highest risk of suicide attempts, followed by IUD, the vaginal ring and then pills.

There are correlations to disentangle before concluding that hormonal birth control itself causes the increase in rate of suicide and suicide attempts — for instance, women who use birth control may already be more suicidal than non-users, or the cock hopping lifestyle that birth control enables may be the factor contributing to women’s self-loathing — but an earlier study examining the same association found

…an alarming link between hormonal birth control and depression. Published in JAMA Psychiatry, that study found that women who used hormonal birth control had a 40 percent increased risk of depression after six months of use, compared to women who didn’t. Some types of hormonal contraceptives carried an even greater risk, and younger women were at even greater risk when using hormonal contraception.

If women are getting depressed as a side effect of hormonal birth control use, then that may also change women’s attitudes toward men, and what kind of men they want, and what decisions women make for themselves.

Whatever the knock-on effects of accessible and effective birth control on the sexual market, one thing is clear: we are living through a golden age for jerkboys. They are in demand, and they can get the freshest milk without paying for the cow (or the cow’s calfs). I don’t know how long this Jerkboy Paradise will last, or if it’s only a blip in the general trend toward an Androgynarchy and a dispiriting reduction in the sexual polarity. (#MeToo is a flare shot warning of a coming Androgynarchy in which men are psychologically castrated and women are encouraged to forsake their femininity.)

What I do know is that people who expected nothing substantial to change between the sexes or in society when we directly interfered with the helical Prime Directive are fools.


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