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A sexually empowered woman stated that she wouldn’t do porn scenes with men who have done gay male porn because she, wisely, did not want to risk exposure to the exotic multitude of their gay anus-to-cock diseases.

The poofter mafia SJW Fuggernaut saw this and promptly shrieked with overwrought indignation. They descended on her like a pack of grotesqueries, wagging their shit-encrusted fingers in her face, driving her out of the industry and rendering her jobless and mentally broken, until she committed suicide.

Porn actress August Ames apparently killed herself because she stated she wouldn’t want to do scenes with men who’ve done gay porn scenes, so she got bullied online, lost her potential gigs, and killed herself.

Good job, SJWs. Back pats all around. pic.twitter.com/vGe1Dqwm6p

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) December 6, 2017

There’s no room for sexism on this side of history, gay bigots! Now a promising young woman is dead because of your hateful words. Liberated women will stand up to your gay SJW bullying and take back the night! #ShePersisted #TheResistance #ImWithHer #MeToo #LoveWins


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