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It’s a good skill to know ASAP during a date if a girl’s interest in you is flagging, so that you can turn it around before her vaj has completely folded in on itself and disappeared into a Labiarity. The interim between inquisitive petaling vaj and inimical imploding vaj is shorter than inexperienced men realize. If you sense a perturbance in the whores, you have to move fast before their thermal intrusion ports seal up.

Most men (by definition betas) don’t lose the girl at the first meet. The stone cold approach rejection is more exception than rule in the annals of unclosed deals. Given that men don’t approach nearly as many women as they are capable of approaching, it falls on the first or second date with the few women he does manage to sufficiently pique to really test a man’s seductive prowess and ability to identify when a girl is fawning or fading.

The fact is that most men lose the woman sometime between getting her number and the second date, before sex has bound her fate to his and colored her judgment in his favor. The majority of scuttled attempts at sex occur when the man loses his veiny hold on a woman’s imagination while on a date, when he has to be on top of his game for a few hours. Many such cases! He’s flying high after swapping grimy late night texts for a meet up, goes on the date two days later, starts to get nervous as the hour wears on and the convo stalls and she still hasn’t signaled him to kiss her, and then the whole enterprise unceremoniously ends with a platonic “I should get going” and he’s alone at home wondering how and when he blew it.

The first step to solving this problem is knowing when you’re losing the girl. That furrow won’t stay unfurled for long. Once you can tell when a girl has JUST started emotionally sheathing, you can make powerful adjustments on the fly and prevent the dreaded Desiccating Date. It’s the Game equivalent of inserting a screw jack in her limbic node and keeping her dendrites moistly parted.

So here is my shiniest slickest pellet of wisdom. The first sign that your date is drifting into anhedonia is when she’s looking sideways. If her head has swiveled and her dead gaze has alighted on the surroundings (or worse, on another man), your star is falling fast. If she’s propped her chin in her hand while looking sideways and is heavily sighing, cut your losses, there’s nothing left you can do for the nookie.

You can see this phenomenon play out with other couples, if you happen to be in the vicinity as an impartial observer of Human Cringe. (I can identify first dates with a 99% accuracy rate.) The girl will be looking sideways while the beta will be straining hard, in body and verbosity, to recapture her devoted attention. Usually this means he’s leaning out way over the table they share and jabbering painfully desperate chit chat about nothing interesting, sensing in his bones her rapid retreat, and resorting to ever more unattractive supplicating, try-hard beta male ploys to reverse the trend. Worst is when her eyes momentarily dart back to look at him as he’s on the verge of an anguished appeal for her input, only to quickly look away again and locate a speck on the window as a convenient distraction from the horror.

The correct response to the sideways girlgaze is the opposite of what most men do: instead of trying harder to reach her, you put less effort into reconnecting. Her sideways gaze is your cue to flirt with other women, such as the waitress, or a passing rando. Miraculously, her wandering oculars will spring back to you, peripherally offended and yet enticed by the gauzy apprehension of your aloof and indifferent ZFGness. It’ll amaze and astound how quickly a girl’s interest reignites when presented with the possibility that the man she had begun writing off has legitimate competing objects for his affection.

If that fails, the next best solution to the sideways gaze is ending the date before she’s had a chance to end it on her timeline. Nothing screws with a girl’s overstuffed ego more than robbing her of her female prerogative to establish both the beginning and the end of a date.


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