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Liberalism Is The Truman Show

Long-time commenter Captain Obvious vividly analogizes modern liberalism to The Truman Show movie.

“She added that she couldn’t understand ‘how you could do that to somebody.’��?

The problem in a nutshell. The only way someone could possibly think this is some sort of incomprehensible action after even a cursory glance at human history is a level of naivete that shouldn’t even be possible. People like this woman have no place in adult discussions.

The Gramscian Cocoon of Anti-Reality.

These Insula-dominant Amygdala-submissive sheep have lived their entire lives in an artificial world created exclusively for their delusional pleasure by The Frankfurt School.

It really is a psychological “Matrix��? within which they are unwittingly imprisoned.

And this particular chick’s li’l sailboat just collided with the End of the World as She Knew It.


The only difference is that, in the movie, Truman tried to escape his artificially constructed environment once he realized it was all set pieces and illusion. In our world, shitlibs have no interest in escaping their anti-reality; in fact, they fear escaping it. The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.


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