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The Cucktat

A stocky young White man, pale, short-limbed, barrel-chested, and ruddy-bearded who looked to have a significant amount of Scottish ancestry was ordering food when I noticed the Chinese chicken scratch that passes for some ancient Confucian wisdom tattooed on his calf.

A Vietnamese couple were sitting behind him and across from me when I watched the ladygirl snicker to her rice burner boyfriend and point at the White dude’s cucktat. Clearly they were amused that this fatted Pink Pig would have Oriental script inked on his ham hock.

I laugh with them. What kind of man dishonors his ancestors, his family, and his people with the cucktat of a foreign race? A poseur, that’s what kind of man. Our Scot-ish piglander should have had a halberd tattooed on his Proud White Calf.

Death to fake leapfrogging loyalty, long live authentic concentric loyalty!


Moses writes,

Tats in a foreign language fetish-ize outgroups. It’s a symptom of low self-worth.

Just part of a larger disease afflicting Whites. Whites are fetish-izing outgroups and preferring them over their own in-group at rates that are unsustainable. It will not end well.

Chinese would never dream of adopting a non-Chinese baby. Ever. Same for pretty much every racial group except Whites.

Pathological altruism indeed.

It’s no coincidence that as White women’s self-esteems are artificially pumped to eleven by the Globohomo Ministry of Propaganda, the White race’s collective self-esteem is hitting rock bottom. Time to bring  back those halberds.


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