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Reader archerwfisher passes along a vagnette from the omnipresent sexual market.

Random, the other day I was thinking, “Maybe the Chateau is overdoing it, maybe being nice and sweet and a good guy isn’t such a bad route.” I stop at a grocery store, buy a few items, head back to my car. In the SUV next to mine, a cute blonde college age girl is getting in the driver’s seat. Long hair, dressed cute and not slutty, no visible tatts or piercings, in decent shape.

She’s accompanied by two similar aged guys, one white who looked like a boyfriend, one maybe white hispanic, and they look like dregs who would be getting arrested for shoplifting beer. The girl playfully locks them out and starts teasing them with a grin on her face. The white probably boyfriend’s witty, playful response? “We’re trying to get in the fucking car, unlock it.” She did so.

Aaaannd that is why Chateau Heartiste should be studied the same way you study a textbook to earn a certification.

The hottest girls in their fertile primes respond with the greatest intensity of arousal to jerkboys. This call-and-response never dies in a woman, it only fades away with her looks and shrinking repository of eggs. The specter of settling into a life of lonely spinsterhood scares many women straight into the arms of a reliable niceguy, but their fantasies always drift to the cocksure assholes who put them in their place and treated them with an amount of respect inversely proportional to the respect they demand from their beta borefriends.

If you’re a niceguy unwilling to better yourself, you have the option of hefting your blue balls for a decade and then relieving your psychological load in a woman on the cusp of Wall crashing. But most men don’t want to sit on the sidelines that long, waiting out their shot at love with an aging beauty. They want the YoHoTis — younger, hotter, tighter women — just the same as the jerkboys want them. If the niceguys want them bad enough, they’ll learn to love breaking bad.


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