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There are a lot of strange circumstances and suspicious details surrounding mass murderer Stephen Paddock’s massacre of Harvest country music festival attendees that lead me to wonder if there’s a cover-up by authorities and/or the gaystream media. Specifically, multiple eyewitnesses claim there was more than one shooter, there is a credible claim that a woman menacingly warned concertgoers of their impending deaths 45 minutes before the shooting started, and now we have a photo showing a possible suicide note left on the table in Paddock’s hotel gun nest which no one has yet reported on in the media and which the police have yet to mention.

Video proof of multiple shooters?

A Mandalay Bay hotel guest staying in the room adjacent to Paddock’s room says he saw multiple gunmen.

Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric, has given a number of interviews and in each he comes across weirdly unbalanced, like maybe he knows something he’s not telling. My impression is that Eric Paddock is trying too hard to convince people his brother was apolitical and had no discernible motive for committing his atrocity. A body language expert agrees, noting that Eric’s facial expression when denying Stephen had any political affiliation betrays insincerity. She also believes Eric has the behavioral tics of someone who may have co-plotted with Stephen and bailed on him at the last minute.

That same body language expert says the eyewitness who claimed a hispanic woman had announced to a crowd of festival attendees that “you’re all going to die tonight” is honestly recalling a real memory.

According to Flightaware.com, a plane once registered with Stephen Paddock (he had a pilot’s license) is currently registered as active with the Virginia company VOLANT LLC that does work for the “Defense/Intelligence community”. Flightware pulls its data from the FAA; however, the FAA has the tail number associated with Paddock’s-VOLANT’s plane listed as inactive.

Paddock’s Filipina girlfriend, Marilou Danley, used two social security numbers and was married to two men at the same time. Paddock wired $100,000 to a bank in the Philippines one week before he committed his mass shooting.

Speaking of atomized Boomers and their Flip green card lovers, both Paddock’s ex-wife and current girlfriend are Asians. I’ve lost the link, but someone posted a screencap of the Faceborg page of Danley’s ex-husband, Geary Danley, which revealed he’s a major BernieBoomer leftie. Very curious.

In all the media coverage since the shooting, I didn’t hear the one question that should have been asked by our discredited journalist class that might shed light on Paddock’s motives. Why did he target a country music concert, the type of event known by anyone not living under a rock to be favored by Trump supporters? Line of sight convenience? But mass shooters usually have deeper reasons for choosing their specific targets. Paddock allegedly scouted other hotels near leftie-ish events like Lollapalooza but that doesn’t mean he intended to target those leftie concertgoers. He could have been scouting different hotels more as a training exercise to prepare for the BIG DAY firing on Trump people.

I smell a cover-up coming of Paddock’s left-wing political and social affiliations.

For instance, unconfirmed photo evidence has emerged of Paddock hanging out with Pussyhatter friends.

Humorous aside, courtesy of Gabber @AshinFurnacestein,

Virgin Stephen
-Sad Boomer
-No kids, likely never had sex
-GF loves Chad
-Squinty eyes, can’t even see
-Ugly shirt with pocket protector

Alpha Chad
-Superior Gen. X
-Gook and Hapa Harem
-Fucks Stephen’s bitch, doesn’t even like her
-Sick indoor outdoor glasses
-Only buttons 2 buttons he DGAF

More tellingly of his ideological leaning, Paddock himself donated to a Democrat Party PAC called ActBlue.

Was Paddock also a Bernieboomer? Police have said Paddock acquired most of his 42 gun arsenal  starting in October 2016. Did the impending election of either thecunt or theTrump drive Bernie-lover Paddock into a state of nihilistic despair, which was later inflamed by antifa incitements to violence and the constant Fake Media demonization of Trump and his supporters in 2017?

I don’t buy the mental illness theory. Paddock planned this out for at least one year, and probably longer than that, going back to when Bernie was primaried by a sociopathic man-hater. Schizophrenics don’t do that kind of long-range meticulous planning, learning how to bump stock semi-automatics and dropping thousands of dollars at high end hotels to test their security systems. If Paddock had schizophrenia his whole life, family and friends would have known something was off about him. Most who knew him say he was secretive, not odd or mentally unhinged. He may have had autism, but that condition isn’t associated with violent outbursts.

Paddock’s father was a diagnosed psychopath, though, who was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list for serial bank robbery back in the 60s. Psychopathy is heritable. However, if Paddock had a psychotic break just before he decided to commit mass murder, what explains his year-long acquisition of an arsenal of death and his decades spent paying for everything in cash so he could remain essentially untraceable? Nope, not mental illness; he knew what he was doing and he did it with a clear mind.

All of this is so strange that even übercucks like David “LOOK AT AND ADMIRE MY PRECIOUS ADOPTED BLACK CHILD YOU BENIGHTED PLEB” French question the official reporting on the shooting.

This post speculates about Paddock’s motive, based on the available evidence, so conclusions are subject to change as more details come to light (if you can trust the media and cops to deliver trustworthy information). As it stands, it looks to me there is a real possibility Paddock killed for ideological reasons, or that he conspired with antifa or another anti-Trump far left-wing group. We need to get to the bottom of this, because if this was a left-wing operation designed to undermine support for the Second Amendment or frighten Trump supporters to retreat from public life, then we have no choice but to acknowledge we are in open civil war.


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