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How many times have I written that stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air and that generalizations are useful for navigating the obstacles and uncertainties of life?

In a new book by Lee Jussim, a century’s worth of social psychological research was reviewed and the conclusion reached that stereotypes are robust and accurate. Furthermore, human bias and self-fulfilling prophecy generally exert weak or no effects on the accuracy of stereotypes.

The stereotypes we hold about the sexes are accurate.
The stereotypes we hold about the races are accurate.
The stereotypes we hold about our fellow-white-people are accurate.

@Atavator adds,

That’s beautiful. Oh, The Irony. So more or less, what we see is social scientists, because of political ideology, enacting the very bias they’ve been telling us for 100 years that regular people are guilty of.

Has there ever been a grander act of projection?

If psychological projection is the default cognitive and rhetorical template of shitlibs, then their loudest shrieks will reveal their rawest exposed nerves. Find those nerves, and press hard.

The yeasty feminized and rabbinical ideology of Equalism is built on a foundation of lies, and it won’t be long now before it crumbles to dust.

I’ll save you all the gauche preen that I so richly deserve to enjoy at this moment…

not gonna do it…

nope, i have way more respect for my readership than that….

ah fuck it


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