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White Dispossession Is Real

What Identity Europa calls “The Great Replacement” is happening with astonishing speed.

Worse, in London since 2001, 500 church buildings have been converted into private homes. And in America, land of the twee home of the depraved, there were 1,209 mosques in 2000. That number rose to 3,186 mosques by 2016.

For comparison, the number of Christian churches in Saudi Arabia in 2000 was zero. In 2016 it was still zero. Iraq had 300 churches in 2003, but in 2013 had only 57 churches (and a lot more dead Christian bodies).

Whites are currently under attack. They are being dispossessed demographically, racially, socially, geographically, economically, and culturally from their own nations. They are being psychologically evicted from their homelands. For lack of a more precise term to describe the mass scale displacement of Whites, this is genocide in all but bloodletting. And if past is prologue, it won’t be long before the letting begins.


The recent colonizers have Resting Bitch Face for America. @pen writes,

Bad: When your extended family rules you with contempt.
Worse: When complete strangers rule you with contempt.

Wars of totality have been fought for lesser reasons.


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