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The Great Men On Loosed Women

Cato the Elder had this to say about toxic egalitarianism,

Cato is arguing for the deputizing of a Thot Police.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that Cato’s wise words eerily mirror the implied threat to high culture and Western Civ in the Chateau Heartiste definition of modern feminism:

The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

Corollary: Radical female equalists seek the destruction of the feminine in women and of the masculine in men.

Constraints on female sexuality enable the full flowering of femininity. Absolute license corrupts femininity. It’s a more complicated relationship between sexual restriction and license for men. Constraints on male sexuality channel machismo to beneficial ends in a patriarchal culture, but demoralize men and corrupt their masculinity in a gynarchy such as we live in today in the West. The ideal society is one which recognizes the essential psychosexual differences between the sexes, and abides different standards for men and women that on the whole permit more license for male sexuality and more constraints on female sexuality.

What women want is license, as Cato correctly stated. License is different than freedom in that it grants the recipient a reprieve from personal responsibility and from the consequences of one’s actions. License means basically the removal of moral agency, so when women demand license what they are demanding is blamelessness. This is the end game of feminism: a child-like sheltering from opprobrium and expectation for women, and all duties imposed and consequences borne for men.

Equalism is the ideology of regression past the wean.


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