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A comment by Greg Eliot (a longtime valued contributor to this fappy forum) spurred me to write a bit about tradcons and their discomfort with female sexuality. He wrote,

CH: And, yes, seducing and fucking a cute girl on the same night you meet her [is one of a man’s greatest pleasures in life].

Especially when she’s “never done this with anyone else”.


Get real, gentlemen… any girl who bangs on the first date is more a petrie dish than LTR material.

And if you’re out looking for a quick bang… and not a woman who you’d trust as a mother to your children and a true helpmeet, then you’re just a muh-dik no-account who deserves whatever physical and/or emotional ailments you get from those types of women.

And this is why we lose.

This world ain’t no Ian Flemming novel, and you ain’t no James Bond.

I’m not saying Greg is a tradcon, but his comment is emblematic of so many tradcon howls of spite for men who have a way with women and for the women who let those men have their way. So his idburst gives me a springboard to write a rebuttal I’ve been meaning to for a while addressing the typical smears that tradcons keep in their rhetoric rucksack.

I’m not talking about marrying one night stands. Sure, a man should think twice about wifing up a girl he plowed the same night she twatted him a come hither eyeplay twitter. But there’s room in a man’s life for one night stands as well as for marriage, should he decide nuptial chains slip easily on his scrote. The one does not preclude the other. In fact, I’d argue a man is best positioned to choose a bride-to-be if he has some experience dealing with women’s emotional landscape both before and after sex. The best defense is a good offense.

To my points.

  1. Not every girl who has premarital sex is a slut. If that’s the standard for sluttery, you may as well give up finding a wife in the world we inhabit right now.
  2. Experienced men have a honed sense of which girls are slutty and which are chaste. It’s not that hard to know if a one night stand is a cock carousel veteran or an innocent naif caught up for the first or second time in her life in the heat of the moment (generated by your superb seductive prowess, of course). So just saying you’ve had a one night stand is not incontrovertible evidence that you banged a slut.
  3. The petrie dish metaphor is indicative of a favorite myth of tradcons that cutie patootie sluts sleep with any man who will have them. No, that would be fatties and Wall-imminent cougars. Prime nubility sluts are just as discriminating as damsels; that is, sluts prefer the company of the same alpha males who inspire a quaking of the mons in damsels. Beta males are still left out in the cold. Which means you are gonna need skillz to bang sluts, and perhaps even sharper skillz than you would need to bang damsels considering that sluts are masters of shit testing. The difference between sluts and damsels is one of impulsivity and to a lesser extent of quantity. Sluts jump into bed quicker and make more rounds sharing the tiny pool of acceptable alpha males.
  4. If you are dominant and sexy and charming as fuck, you can make any girl LTR material. It may be a more efficient use of your time and energy to screen for LTR material from the get-go if that’s your quest, but even the sluts will bend the knees to a man of incomparable HSMV.
  5. Whether mounting slut or damsel, one night stands will make a man feel like a king, as long as his conquest is a verifiable hottie. If he has a ONS with a grotesquerie, he will experience the Walk of Self-Abasement and avoid looking any women in the eyes for a month lest they sense the tunastank on him.
  6. Addendum to #5: Any man with a robust ledger of cuntquests to his name will know very early on in the evening if the girl he is seducing is a no muss no fuss slut or a hard-to-whet modest mouse. This means that really good players often deliberately seek out more challenging girls because they know that the afterglow of despoiling a low cock count coygirl shines so much brighter than it would emptied into the dark ravine of a slut’s war-torn womb. Be careful tradcons; that womanizer you accuse of banging bar skanks may be the one who cut his ONS chops on your tradwife before she lost her taste for fun and met you.

On a conciliatory note, Greg and his genre of female sexuality spiters aren’t totally off-base about the slut life. While not a guarantee of a girl’s sluttery, a predilection for one night stands is a leading indicator. And though it’s hard to find chaste women in 2017 (as measured against historical chasteness standards), it nevertheless remains true that even one additional partner over the bare minimum greatly increases a women’s risk of marital infidelity. Therefore, all things considered and all nuts busted, tradcons have their hearts in the right place when they advise men looking for wife and mother candidates to be wary of investing in a property that is trespassed without a preliminary scouting expedition.

Bottom line: If you fall in love with a ONS, and forever dangles on the edge of your dreamy thoughts, best give that gril a few extra months or years of up close premarital personal assessment. If she’s truly a natural born slut, you’ll see the signs long before she hears the wedding lines.


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