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Anything that can be remotely associated with White people will inevitably be subverted, perverted, or protested by nonWhites and virtue sniveling white cowards, absent powerful social prohibitions or sufficiently dissuadable punishment to contain the tribalistic and status striving impulses.

Corollary: The rebuke of implicit White symbols is a plausibly deniable proxy for the rebuke of the White race. Similarly, rallying to implicit White symbols when those symbols are under attack is a plausibly deniable proxy for the defense of the White race.

We’re at Peak “This Has Nothing To Do With Race”. Normie Whites are waking up to the anti-White hatred that permeates oh, pretty much the entire world, but they’re still not brave enough to speak plainly, so they’re lashing out at nonwhite ingrates under the rubric of symbols like the national anthem to conceal to others and themselves what they’re truly fighting for…their place in the world.

But as Whites are finally learning, forced unity is tyranny and division is clarification. The time for an honest dividing is upon us.

Start with this rule: Know your primal enemies by the symbols they renounce.


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