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Subliminal Seduction

NLP — Neuro Linguistic Programming — is a fancy term to describe subliminal rhetoric that plays on the natural human tendency to suggestibility (aka the need to feed the ego). It’s a quasi-science that is probably overblown but does offer some feints of tongue that can assist in seducing women.

An example from my dating life: I asked a girl to dance…more precisely, I told a girl she was about to dance with me…and while I normally don’t do Dance Game I will indulge if the girl I’m interested in looks like she has two left feet. The comparison makes me look better on the dance floor than I am, and more importantly her awkward rug-cutting opens fresh avenues of value display and subliminal flirting.

We danced. She stumbled a bit (as I assumed she would from a quick visual analysis of her mind-body-physiognomy axis). She grinned sheepishly, and apologized.

CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON OF LOVE: “Ok, you’ll bend backward a little after the third step…step one……step two…….aaand step 3….bend back!”

HER: *bends at a clumsy angle* “See, I’m not much of a dancer.”


HER: “Hah, no I’m not.”


We stop dancing, I chat her up off-stage, and then exit while she’s distracted by someone else she knows. FYI this tactic of stealthily exiting a budding flirtship unannounced, and returning twenty minutes later to a mouth-agape eye-widened curious girl wondering where you went off to, is dynamite on a girl’s mental vagina. It’s the best way to end a dance, because it sidesteps the risk of seeming overly enthusiastic and attached to a girl after dancing with her in which the forced physical contact is bound to energize her self-perceived SMV, shit testing and anti-slut defense.

The real tingle generator is in the line, “don’t run from it.” This is what I call an Alpha Compliment. While alphas don’t typically compliment girls, when they do their compliments are distinctly potent, because they don’t compliment women’s physical assets (unless to neg them) and their compliments are worded in a way that is easily construed as 1. an assessment of the girl’s CHARACTER and 2. a qualifying statement that sounds like the man is trying to make the girl live up to his standards.

(Expressing a hint of disappointment in a girl is a powerful courtship accelerator. She will work harder to win your approval than she would with a man who had nothing but effusive praise and comforting words when she denigrated herself.)

The NLP of the line is the subconscious insinuation that what the girl should not run from is YOU, rather than from the dance floor or her natural talents. I have practiced this line in-field a lot and the impression it leaves with girls is always positive; her eyes will momentarily sparkle, a smile will drift across her face, and a lurch to feigned indignation (to salvage her “qualified” ego) will push her deeper into a mutually satisfying rapport.

You can use the line in just about any scenario, so if you hate dancing don’t think this tactic is closed to you. Give it a try at least, and report back here with tales of conquest or woe; either will suffice as learning tools.


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