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Exquisite European Beauty

Having brutalized the Chateau readership by draining the swamp to reveal the enormous gullet of the TacoToad creature, a magnanimous urge overcame me. I hope this post puts me back in good graces with the commenters who matter.

Continuing the CH series paying tribute to exquisite (and native) European beauty and triggering all the right envious haters, here is Senta Berger from Austria:

Would bang? Yes. More than that….

Would love.

In painfully related news, the Uglification and Devaluation of America proceeds apace. White Christians are now a minority of the US population.

A poem, by Contemplative Me:

Little by little
with foam fleck and spittle
the carvers and butchers
tore muscle from gristle
till all that was good
familiar and genial
bled of its life froze and turned brittle
and the hearth of your people
coughed soot ash and cinders
as home, kin, and myth
succumbed to the whittle

We have strip mined our Wealth, our Truth, and our Beauty from the homeland. If future generations of our posterity remain, they will curse us to their last breaths for damnable fools and malicious traitors.


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