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Meet The New Cigstache

Ah, Cigstache. Old timers at the Chateau will not-so-fondly recall her as the representative “zero” on the 1-to-10 female beauty scale.

Well, it’s time to meet your new Cigstache. Say hello (through your plumes of puke) to Tacotoad:

I get a thrill from torturing the retinas of my readers. It’s not like some of you don’t deserve it.


Let’s make this more interesting. Which woman would you prefer to have for extremely platonic lunch company?

I can tell you I’d choose Cigstache, no hesitation. She looks earthy, like she has some good stories to tell, and I bet she’s not a man-hating femcunt. Tacotoad….or should I write (((Tacotoad)))…likely has a distinctly caustic personality belied by her inbred mutant physiognomy. So with Tacotoad, your ears are gonna hurt as bad as your eyes.


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